Dancing With the Stars recap: Hough and Puff

Former pro Julianne Hough returns as guest judge; two male contestants decide now's as good a time as any to go shirtless
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 7, 2013

BRANT & PETA Now that's what I call posture!


Snooki and Sasha Farber: 24/30 Snooki -- who was sick this week, and haunted by a particularly dark time during high school where cheerleading stress gave her an eating disorder -- has no problem remembering her steps, even in the face of physical and mental discomfort. She can do a back handspring! Sasha hopped over her with his legs together! Unheard of. The jive was cute and boppy, but I didn't think it was anything terribly special. "Have more of a connection with Sasha," suggested Julianne, which I sort of interpreted as a euphemism for "Try giving more a sh*t." All three of the judges praised Snooki, though, despite her "crazy knees" and "T-Rex arms." She gets that all the time.

Brant Daugherty and Peta Murgatroyd: 21/30 "When you take off your shirt, it's very revealing," said Carrie Ann. I'm glad she cleared that up! Brant's bold foray into partial nudity apparently didn't pay off, although he may get Julianne Hough's number out of the nationally televised striptease. So maybe it's all for the best. Julianne thought Brant's salsa was "a bit loosey goosey" (a well-known euphemism for "call me"), and Carrie Ann said he'd "gone insane" out there. I was totally in Bruno's corner here. "You were a brazen party animal!" he told Brant. "Look at you!" I'm looking.

Three 7s were a far cry from the elusive first 10 of the season, which Brant confessed to really wanting during rehearsal footage. These two were announced as "in jeopardy" again this week -- which, as always, might mean nothing. They're not necessarily the bottom two. But if they are, these scores are about to boot him out. Peta will have to practice her bizarrely challenging lifts with a dummy who has two good arms.

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater: 21/30 They saved the best for last this time -- and by "best" I mean "the most inducing of happy tears"! #SPARKLEBARF. I could not get enough of Bill's thrilled, gooey-eyed reaction to Tom's surprise announcement post-samba: They were safe! I like this twist, by the way -- it almost made up for the super-awkward opening number in which the celebrities had to each make crazy eyes at the camera, all alone, as Our Pros behaved professionally out on the floor.

Bill had us hooked in the heart already, but his apology to "family member" Emma for dropping her on her head during last week's dress rehearsal only made him more endearing. She was like "Really, no worries, I'm a dancer. I come very close to dying every day." Their father-daughter vibe is extremely cute. And I love how Bill just explodes into PEALS OF DELIGHTED LAUGHTER after finishing every single dance. I'll try to compile all of those in a video by the end of the season. I may have just made an empty promise.

The pair's "Cuban Pete" samba was a blur of feathers (was Emma's bird of paradise costume a not so subtle extra plug for Julianne's upcoming movie?) and Bill's "strange, unique bounce," according to Carrie Ann. He's no technical genius but I do appreciate this bounce! "I thought I was gonna wet myself," TMI'ed Bruno. "It had everything you can wish for in a samba, except timing and rhythm," he continued. "What? It was a compliment!"

Did the right pair head home this week? Was Julianne too harsh on Mark, or has he had it comin' for years? Is anyone else compelled to watch the Cuban Pete dance scene in The Mask? Do it!

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