Dancing With the Stars recap: The Immunity Mirrorball

On Latin night, one couple wins Immunity while the others compete in dance-offs for three extra points
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 29, 2013

SPLITS DECISION Karina urges the judges to call it a tie.


Anyway, Jacoby and Karina's salsa was a killer start to the show -- the shiny gold toes on Jacoby's shoes created the illusion of sandals, his off-white shirt was delightfully wide open, and this time during his signature leap over Karina's head, he took her down with his crotch! Intentional snap of the neck! This is always a hit for me, perhaps because of the split-second thrill that someone might be about to die.

"What you do is so incredible -- it's like you could fart the salsa," raved Carrie Ann. Now, Jacoby does love farting, as we've seen, but wouldn't the ideal dance to fart out be something more elegant like the Viennese Waltz or paso doble? Even the meringue would have at least smelled sweet. Salsa farts = JUST TOO REAL, Carrie Ann.

Screen Shot 2013-04-30 at 1.05.28 AM

Tom's stone-faced reaction to the flatulence talk was priceless. (And with a gem over his shoulder, too!)

Ingo Rademacher and Kym Johnson: 22/30 + 3 for the dance-off rumba = 25 You know when the edited package shows someone announcing "It's possible this could be my best dance" that it will not be his best-scored dance. Those are just the rules of reality TV. No spoilers please, TV!

The judges wanted more fluidity in Ingo's rumba. I'll admit I noticed zero things about Ingo's performance because HELLO, KYM'S COSTUME. It had every type of sequin, all the different lengths of fringe, and spandex surrounding just enough (barely any) parts of her butt. Loved the red and peach motif. Sorry to obsess over this but it was like a correctly solved paper doll puzzle of a DWTS uniform -- everything in its right place.

I did eventually go back and watch Ingo for Ingo and can see how he did get more grounded and connected to that second rumba. Second time's the charm in the bedroom!

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