Dancing With the Stars recap: Shackled In My Embrace

The top three couples are revealed as Meryl and Maks dominate part one of the finale
Ep. 10 | Aired May 19, 2014

Candace Cameron Bure and Mark Ballas: 24/30 Born a valley girl, Candace achieved fame on this small show you might have heard of called Full House. No, not the one with Leonardo DiCaprio. The other one. I'm kidding. Did you guys really think I'd forget Uncle Jesse?

For her freestyle, Candace was tapping back into that D.J. Tanner character, except this time, she was a literal D.J. in a gold jumpsuit. Honestly, I hated that Mark did this dance, because I cringed every time he lifted her, which was a lot. This was a crazy disco routine, after all. But I thought Candace's footwork was good, and she clearly does yoga for back flexibility. However, she still made some mistakes. Luckily for her, Tom's "California Gold Rush" joke drew the attention away from her flop and pulled the attention to his.

Carrie Ann was all "you go girl" before calling her out on not connecting to the music (and making Candace's daughter cry). Len thought she gave it her all, and Bruno liked her gusto but agreed about her need to find a beat.

And let's just say Candace's scores shocked her daughter. SHOCKED. Also, Mark did not want to talk about this injury, and Erin was going to call him out on it. This yellow dress was giving Erin a confidence that, quite frankly, I was a little bit attracted to.

Amy Purdy and Derek Hough: 29/30 Amy's story told us all about how she lost her feet and became the amazing snowboarder she is today, but that's not what's important. What is important was Derek's decision to turn the end of this routine into a P!nk concert.

The lifts in this routine were very beautiful, but Derek topped himself with the defying gravity moment -- he let Amy engage in some rope acrobatics which where beautiful and everything I love about this show, but also highly stressful. I didn't fully blame Len for not liking this element of the dance. Derek is the show's best choreographer, and I wanted more from him. Anybody can make flying look cool.

Aside from Len, Bruno thought it was beautiful, and Carrie Ann loved the emotion Amy brought to the piece, which even I'll admit, was mesmerizing to watch.

Semi-related: Does anyone else feel like flying on one of those ropes should be a form of therapy? Also, part of me really wanted the super cheesy element of them performing this routine to "Defying Gravity," right? Go big or go home, I say!

[And insert Tom's zinger about Len's low score and the audience coming up with another use for the rope.] Again: Live TV!

In a shocking elimination -- but one I was fine with -- James and Peta left the competition. Sure, I would've preferred for Candace to go, but as long as Meryl's OK, I'm OK.

I did feel bad that James and Peta's "thing" this year was their chemistry, and it was just their luck to be in the same season as Maks and Meryl, the human magnets. That would suck, I suppose. Although now that the show's over, Tom did give them permission to start their engines, so there's that. Perhaps they can go find some "release of pressure" backstage, eh? And suddenly, I'm pervy and Canadian!

On that note, here are the combined scores from the night. Combined with your votes, these will determine who takes home that shiny MirrorBall Trophy:

Meryl: 60
Amy: 59
Candace: 51

Now if you all will excuse me, I'm going to make this recap's photo my computer background and then go sign up for dance lessons out of a hope that I can one day dance with a man the way Meryl just danced with Maks. Spoiler: I have a long way to go.

What did you all think of the night?

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