Dancing With the Stars recap: Ladies First

The three 'All-Stars' finalists are revealed amidst a kaleidoscopic explosion of glitter and private parts
Ep. 17 | Aired Nov 20, 2012

WHO'S BAD? Not Shawn and Derek. Beam them up, Lenny!


Annie's Top 7 ("Seh-vehhhhn!") Results Show Moments for Tuesday, November 20, 2012

 7. Thanks to Derek, "I'm writing a song with my body" has officially become my Excuse of the Month for any given situation, personal or professional.

6. In what alternate universe (beyond the Glitter Galaxy) does Kelly Monaco expect us to believe she has never had a spray tan?

5. Tom having a seat in the middle of a hip-hop dance crew following Parris Goebel's "This Girl Is On Fire" exhibition.

4. Len threatening to require urgent care as he seized during Shawn and Derek's Argentine tango: "I love it! I love it!" Even his approval seems furious!

3. Derek's contemporary dance/shower scene with liiiiiiiiiiive slow-motion! Holy cow! I loooooove his co-choreographer for this piece, Allison Holker, in anything, but add fellow So You Think You Can Dance alums Melanie Moore and Kathryn McCormick, plus a talented little fox named Jessica Lee Keller? I was in heaven. Just type "Allison Holker" in YouTube and go nuts for a few hours. Don't snack. Or whatever, go ahead and snack. It's Thanksgiving! And you already feel fat.

2. Paula Abdul is as petite as ever! That "Dream Medley" RULED.

1. Looks like Val and Kelly have already started brainstorming their freestyle.

Looks great so far! Real versatile.

HIDDEN GEM CITY (also the name of my wireless network):

"Did anyone notice that it looked like Apolo was speedskating when he slipped?" --Sarah, endorsed by Cindy, Wiltasaurus

"Once when the camera was focused on the floor from above, the circular orange light looked just like a pumpkin pie!  How nice to wish us a Happy Thanksgiving...." --Tay


Mirrorballus Rex encourages you to appraise EW.com's Hidden Gems of the 'All-Stars' Semifinals!

Did the right couples go home, DANCMSTRs? Discuss.

And let's all remember to give thanks for Tristan MacManus this week.

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