Dancing With the Stars recap: We're Up All Night for Good Fun

A fan favorite heads home on Hollywood Night after strange robots "Get Lucky" in the ballroom
Ep. 03 | Aired Sep 30, 2013

'KARINA'S CRAZY' Bill Nye should deconstruct the science involved in this magical ballroom moment -- with lasers.


Amber Riley and Derek Hough: 24/30 Amber's Charleston actually tied her with Bill and Leah -- blame her last name for knocking her this far down on the list. I thought it was way better than Leah's rumba, with so much more content, but Len would've liked more of the aforementioned swivel in Amber's feet. I was a big fan of the overall look and feel of the routine (set to "Bang Bang" from The Great Gatsby soundtrack) so good job, Derek.

And good job, beaded fringe dangling from Amber's dress. Knee-length fringe in the ballroom? Now I've really seen it all!

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke: 22/30 More fringe! Cheryl's pink and black color block shift (which was more Mod than rockin' '70s, but whatever) got a big assist from the fringe at the bottom of her skirt and those shimmery pink go-go boots. Jack definitely could've benefited from a wig here, to really make this '70s Hollywood-style cha cha cha pop. After he removed his fur tarp and slid somewhat unsuccessfully down a glass pane atop the technicolor staircase, the pimp vibe he was attempting to achieve went drastically downhill. He truly did look like a scared pimp, as he'd worried he would during rehearsals.

But I continue to love Jack's attitude, and his lack of dance prowess in a season of ringers is refreshing. Len and Bruno wanted more hip action.

Valerie Harper and Tristan MacManus: 16/30 Again, why no wig for Tristan? Valerie got the glamorous blonde Grace Kelly one. If you're gonna go Freddie Mercury 'Stache, go all out with some dark hair! This cha cha cha was a technical disaster. No way around that. "Like flying coach on a cheap airline," said Len (and now we know what he would have told Elizabeth and Val had they bombed). "A little bit bumpy, but you landed safely." Ha! There was no safe landing whatsoever.

What saved this routine was the way Tristan was clearly counting out Valerie's steps and cuing most of her moves out loud as she was just completely lost. And he'd even wait for her to do…whatever the heck she was doing before moving on. "Tristan, the way you take care of your partner is wonderful," Len said. Aww!

All in all, not a bad Week Tree!

Who were your favorites tonight? Will you ever hear "Get Lucky" the same again?


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