Dancing With the Stars recap: We're Up All Night for Good Fun

A fan favorite heads home on Hollywood Night after strange robots "Get Lucky" in the ballroom
Ep. 03 | Aired Sep 30, 2013

'KARINA'S CRAZY' Bill Nye should deconstruct the science involved in this magical ballroom moment -- with lasers.


Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff: 26/30 Their quickstep told the classic Hollywood tale of an old director receiving a visit from a young starlet, who enters the room and drops her trench coat to reveal… a devastatingly sparkly floor-length nightgown underneath. Because they must DANCE, dahling! The fastest (according to Krazy Karina) quickstep that's ever been attempted on the show!

"One for the record books!" cried Bruno. "Like, sizzling on my eyes," confirmed Carrie Ann (sounds painful). She added that Corbin needs to be careful of his hip hop background seeping into the standard dances, which was a somewhat hilarious way to both corroborate Corbin's insistence during rehearsal footage that he's "never done any ballroom dancing, period" while also reminding the audience that yep, he's a professional dancer in some way. How off-duty Policewoman of her.

I loved the energy of this quickstep and think it was my favorite of Week 3 -- quite a feat for the second dance of the night, which tends to be easily forgotten. The staging (with the two of them dancing backwards on two different levels, and Karina ending up perched in the spotlights on the fainting couch) was fabulous.

Elizabeth Berkley and Val Chmerkovskiy: 25/30 Tom Bergeron boldly swooped in, as he so often does, to speak for the viewing audience when he told Elizabeth to "hashtag stop" saying the word "hashtag" out loud. Like, she's not Mariah Carey. Settle down, Spano. The last thing you need are Twitter users "accidentally" adding an extra t to "thrust it." Tit'd be all downhill from there.

Val is constructing quite the spiritual experience for Elizabeth, who broke into tears while telling the cameras about the really great rhythm that a blindfold helped them find. Whatever it is, it's working -- their "Come Fly With Me" flight attendant foxtrot was gorgeous. She was really good at looking away from him while in hold, which can look so awkward on any amateur. I kept seeing shades of Julie Hagerty as flight attendant Elaine in Airplane! as I watched Elizabeth float by -- they had the same circa-1980 long, flowing hair that's somehow both feathered and curled. I will never achieve that hair. I guess I'll never have to.

Len called Elizabeth and Val's deliciously satisfying foxtrot "Chicken Soup to the Eyes." Aggggh. That sounds almost as painful as Carrie Ann's eye-sizzling. These judges are masochists!

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