Dancing With the Stars recap: Livin' La Vida Shirtless

Latin Night means more dances, more injuries, and fewer clothes; plus, one couple goes home
Ep. 07 | Aired Apr 28, 2014

Meryl Davis and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 39/40 Who's ready for a salsa? This recapper is because holy crap these two are just too much! The way she was wearing his hat in rehearsal and talking about "the depth of the sexuality" involved? Yeah, I'm done. I've passed out on the floor. I'm in love, and I'm honestly shipping them harder than any couple ever. Whether they're friends or lovers, I'm there. I'm on board.

Their amazing interaction of the week:

Meryl: You're a jerk.
Maks: I'm one of the biggest. Self pro-claimed and understandable.

After beating each other up a bit, these two took the stage, where back-up dancers and skin were all the rage! I love how he practically envelops her when they dance together, and this was another instance of a couple pulling out all the tricks and flips! Watching a salsa in high-heeled sneakers was interesting and felt a little sexy and wrong, but as usual, I loved these two.

The judges all had great things to say, but Len thought it was a bit of a hectic production. Surprisingly, I kind of agreed with him. When it's Maks and Meryl, I want it to be all Maks and Meryl all the time. If we're being honest, I want them to have their own spin-off where they dance around the house all day, argue, and then snuggle. Also, if I never hear Bruno say "she bangs" again, I'd be alright with that.

*Insert uncomfortable "dirty place" talk with Erin and Maks here.*

Now, it was time for the team dances! Charlie and Meryl were captains -- gold medal says what? -- and they chose their teams. Spoiler: Candace was picked last. Just breathe, girl. Never forget.

Team Vida: 35/40 Charlie's team had James and NeNe, and involved Charlie's bare chest. And yes, he waxed between rehearsals and this show. That's commitment, people.

Their Latin freestyle had a few highlights: James jumped! NeNe shimmied! Tony shimmied even harder! And then there was some tribal section that confused and excited me all at once.

Dancing to Ricky's song, he invited them all on the road with him -- not you, Erin! -- and Len thought they all coped well with having to perform twice this week. Carrie Ann thought the energy was great, but she and Bruno agreed that the group had some synchronization issues. And in case you forgot, you're all in jeopardy.

Did they mention that one of you is going home?

Team Loca: 39/40 Meryl's team had Amy, Candace, and Danica, and due to Amy's injury, the judges had to look at dress rehearsal footage. But quickly, I have to mention Candace's ridiculous and amazing crush on Maks from rehearsals. BREATHE.

The performance itself had its highs and lows for me. It was great all around, but Maks and Meryl were the highlight. Candace had a few rough moments, but other than that, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't dancing along. And the judges thought it was the best group performance yet. They weren't at all bummed that we didn't get to see it live, and I wouldn't have been either if it weren't for the fact that in the dress rehearsal, the guys had (open) shirts on! Live, they were shirtless! The injury gods are on my list right now.

And in the show's final moments, NeNe was eliminated. It was her time, but I will miss her attitude next week. Wait, does NayNay have to go too?

What did you all think of tonight's show? Are you as on the fence about Erin as I am? And if we keep tweeting #DWTSShirtOff, will everyone be shirtless next week? Sound off in the comments below!

The dancers' total scores from tonight's two numbers are below. Combined with the viewer votes from this week, these scores will help decide which couple leaves us next week:

Meryl: 78
Amy: 75
Candace: 74
Danica: 72
Charlie: 71
James: 70

Now if you'll excuse me, I have some tweeting to do.

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