Dallas recap: Bullet to the Chest

Pamela attempts to get herself out of trouble, while Ann finds her way into it
Ep. 02 | Aired Feb 4, 2013

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) may only have John Ross to turn to, if Frank joins forces with J.R. Ewing.

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Elena met her brother at their father’s grave in the field where he died. She convinced Drew to help her out by drilling the Henderson well instead of worrying about their father's land. (That was easy!) Now I'm okay if Drew sticks around, because she’s gonna need him: John Ross went to see the drilling foreman on that job. He’s gonna pay that guy monthly to NOT hit oil. Bastard. Just take the money to Christopher and Elena, dude, and they’ll match it and then some, I thought. But I'm assuming Drew will soon catch on to this guy, and to stop Drew from reporting it, John Ross will get him drunk to discredit him and make it somehow look like Drew's fault that they've missed the oil.

Frank got home from taking care of Rebecca, and J.R. was there to make Frank an offer: He knows Cliff will protect Pamela and rich folks don’t go to jail. If Frank tells him where Tommy's body and the gun are, he’ll make sure they pop up -- which means Frank gets his seat back at the Barnes Global table and Rebecca doesn’t get a piece of Ewing Energies. Frank was concerned that Cliff would know he sold him out. J.R. just laughed: “Frank, I’m J.R. Ewing. I can make a body appear in the middle of a church social without anybody knowing how it got there.” CLASSIC! How can Frank trust him? Because they both want to destroy Pamela, and, as J.R. pointed out, "It's a rare and beautiful thing when enemies share the same enemy.” J.R. said he expects his call soon. We've yet to hear whether Frank dialed him.

Now it was time for the nice Ewings to get screwed again: Rebecca never showed at the annulment hearing, of course, and apparently it can’t be rescheduled, so divorce court it is. A detective came to Southfork to tell Bobby that they can’t press charges against Harris because the statute of limitations is up. Ann overheard them talking and grabbed her purse. If only she'd had the plan Bobby had. Bobby went to see J.R. and interrupted him as he was Googling himself and laughing at the results that proved he was “quite a scoundrel.” Love it. Bobby asked him to help find a way to bring Harris down. “Don’t you worry, little brother. It’s gonna be my masterpiece,” J.R. said. He smiled, and I teared up and rewound.

John Ross went to see Pamela. He knew Rebecca hadn’t shown up for the hearing and about Tommy’s blood on the floor. He asked her if she’d just been protecting herself when she shot Tommy. What did it matter to him, Pamela wondered. He said he was just protecting the deal. She kissed him. He picked her up, and put her on the desk. Hot? Yes. But hello, John Ross, DANGEROUS. Are we supposed to think he understands her better than anyone? Or that he’ll do ANYTHING to get control of Ewing Energies?

Ann, we found out, went to see Harris. He made sure she wasn’t wearing a wire before he answered her question about why he’d taken Emma from her. He said it was because Ann was going to leave him, and he wouldn’t be humiliated like that. I thought the twist was going to be that Emma had been in the hallway and overheard Harris rub in Ann's face all the things he’d taken away from her when he kidnapped Emma. But no. When Ann said hearing all that had helped, she meant that it gave her the courage to do what she’d come there to do -- to shoot him.

While I can appreciate Ann doing something more than crying, and wanting Harris dead, I'm hoping she didn't ruin our chance to see Judith Light and Larry Hagman go at it before his final episode airs. If Bobby gets arrested for the (attempted) murder, which the promo for next week seems to suggest, J.R. will have to deal with Mama's wrath, right? Fingers crossed.

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