Dallas recap: Bullet to the Chest

Pamela attempts to get herself out of trouble, while Ann finds her way into it
Ep. 02 | Aired Feb 4, 2013

FRIENDS IN LOW PLACES Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) may only have John Ross to turn to, if Frank joins forces with J.R. Ewing.

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Back at Southfork, we found out more about Drew. He doesn’t drink now. He’s back because he wants to drill on the land that their father died on. Slight problem: Their mother sold it to Bobby because she had to pay Drew's debts when he chose the army over jail. Drew vowed to get the land back and drill on it, even though Elena told him it was dry, because he won’t turn his back on their father’s legacy. Elena later told Christopher that Drew was there when his father died and was unable to save him. She thinks Drew wants to drill on that land until he finds oil or dies himself. Honestly, at this point, I was hoping for the latter.

Rebecca, meanwhile, went to see Pamela and told her about the voicemails on Tommy’s phone. She wants $1 million to go some place that Christopher can’t find her. Frank just stood there listening. He was still listening when the detective came to see Pamela and ask her about the voicemail. She insisted she'd only threatened Tommy because she was afraid of what Christopher would do to him if he didn’t leave. Christopher had threatened to hurt Tommy after Tommy hit her. The detective left. They were pretending to be brother and sister, people. That's a well-known fact. DO NOT TRUST HER.

Sue Ellen came to see Elena at the office and inquired about the salt dome. Elena said they could sidetrack around it, but she was hoping to get cash from her shares of Ewing Energies so she could front the added cost instead of asking Sue Ellen for more money. That wasn’t her decision, Sue Ellen said. She’s giving her one month to hit the oil, or she’s calling in the loan. Elena told Christopher that Sue Ellen was being a “bitch on wheels” about her not drilling at the Henderson well, and Christopher’s office spy told them that John Ross’ secretary had said he’d been calling his mother a lot lately and wrote her a large check for her foundation. Why are Elena and Christopher not trying to piece together what John Ross is after? I guess they're just too distracted with Pamela.

Speaking of Pamela, the cops found something at her old condo and called Christopher to come over (because they always do that?). The detective had noticed that Pamela moved out of her condo right as Tommy went missing. He brought out the blue light and detected high-velocity blood splatter in the cracks of the floor. Christopher texted Rebecca about the blood and told her she could be in danger. Naturally, she grabbed her bags and tried to make a run from her hotel -- but she didn’t bother to look out her door before opening it. Frank was there, snarling. Did he kill her or just pay her off?

NEXT: J.R. makes Frank an offer, Ann takes matters into her own hands

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