Dallas season premiere recap: Secrets and Lies

John Ross does business in the bedroom like his daddy, while Elena goes undercover in the boardroom
Ep. 01 | Aired Feb 24, 2014

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Back at Southfork, Emma was messaging John Ross when Pamela came home. They bonded over the fact that both of them have put their father in jail. Pamela was sweet, telling Emma she was there if she ever wanted to talk, and Emma was heartless, telling Pamela how good it was to know that she and John Ross were just across the hall. Emma messaged John Ross to come home and be bad with her. Ooh, Emma, you need to know that Pamela could eat you for lunch. At this point, I'm already looking forward to it.

John Ross thinks he's found Plan B to get them the money to buy the arctic rights: Drilling the shale deposit on Southfork. He believes he's now within his surface rights to do it, and Elena seems to agree. But is she just saying that so it causes a major divide between John Ross and Christopher/Bobby? You know Christopher is against it because drilling will destroy land, which means his hot ranch hand will be out of a job. Christopher said they'd find another way to get the money, or turn Nicolas, but nope. John Ross said, "I'm frackin'" -- and he did it with a straight face! Bobby told him he wasn't half the man J.R. was and he'd stop him, too. Elena just lurked.

John Ross went to see Emma in her room and told her he needed those contracts ASAP. He was willing to provide a non-rush service for that rush service. WINK WINK. Sue Ellen spotted him with Emma in the dark outside her room. "What's a matter, mama? You look like you just seen a ghost," he said. She thought she had. He told her Emma was the one he'd done business with to get those ships.

Cut to Harris pacing in his cell and then being released. The cartel told him if he doesn't get their product moving again, Emma would learn a lesson (as would Ann).

Elena arrived back in Mexico and slo-mo walked to Joaquin, who was, of course, Nicolas. Long story short, he's going to help her make the Ewings pay for what they did to their family. Also, they're totally going to hook up sooner or later, right?

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? For an inside look at the episode and a tease of what's to come, read our postmortem with exec producer Cynthia Cidre.

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