Dallas recap: Burning Down the House

The Ewings' enemies all decide to get revenge at once, so who do we blame?
Ep. 08 | Aired Apr 14, 2014

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Ann had gone to see Harris to tell him Bobby was kicking Emma out of the house and he had to protect her now. She was angry at Bobby, Emma, and herself, and Harris suggested she be mad at him instead and invited her in for a drink. She accepted. On her way out, they had a civil conversation about why they didn't last as a couple -- which ended with Harris kissing her. Ann broke it off and Harris apologized. Judith watched from a window and fumed.

Sue Ellen found Pamela standing outside by the new addition markers and tried to explain again that she'd only been trying to spare her the pain and humiliation she'd felt when she'd learned of J.R.'s infidelities. But Pamela snapped back saying that she wasn't a weak drunk like Sue Ellen. Ouch. Pamela tracked John Ross' phone -- which would have been useful on their wedding day, no? -- and saw that he was at the hotel. Off she went as Sue Ellen downed a bottle of liquor.

Emma put on the infamous green lingerie, and she and John Ross were on the bed making out when Pamela walked into the room all cold and crazy-eyed. The way she had her hand in her pocket, you thought she was going to shoot them both. Or at least Emma. "Love what you're wearing," she said to Emma, smirking. And then she took off her coat and had the same lingerie on. SHE ASKED TO JOIN THEM and climbed onto the bed. WHAT??? There was nowhere for her to hide a gun. Was she going to strangle Emma? Pamela kissed her as John Ross watched uncomfortably. Then he got the nod from Pamela to come play. When we came back from commercial, John Ross took off his shirt and joined them on the bed and the kissing began.

Elena got out her diaphragm and joined Drew in bed. Ewww. Bo had arrived at Southfork -- smoking -- as Sue Ellen stumbled into J.R./John Ross' room to drink the bourbon. She passed out on the floor. We saw Bo get out of his vehicle, but we didn't see who started the fire. We saw Bo lurking, so we're supposed to think it was him. But was it Drew?

Pamela was the center of attention in bed when she started convulsing. Emma and John Ross found a pill bottle and called 911. Bobby and Christopher arrived home to the flames. They ran into the house yelling for Sue Ellen and Ann. Sue Ellen was still passed out, and eventually beams fell on Christopher and Bobby and seemed to knock them out.


Of course, the promo for the new episodes, which resume Aug. 18, appeared to leave Sue Ellen's survival as the only real cliffhanger. I'm guessing Ann got home and called for help. Or maybe Bo will redeem himself and save the Ewings if Drew started the fire? Theories? Go!

P.S. Is it wrong that I'm most worried about Southfork itself?

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