Dallas recap: Striking Distance

As Bobby and Ann rescued Sue Ellen, John Ross and Nicolas schemed for control of Ewing Global
Ep. 07 | Aired Apr 7, 2014

Skip Bolen/TNT

John Ross threw the poker game and lost his daddy's watch in the process. It set him free to be his own man -- and gave him a chance to make a humble apology to the sheik, which is what he was really after. Pamela was pissed, but you had a feeling he knew what he was doing.

The judge left the decision on Sue Ellen's release up to the hospital, which told Bobby and Ann that Sue Ellen's drinking problem is way more serious than she'd let on. They agreed to do whatever it took to get her out. And that, friends, is having her move in to Southfork where they can make sure she goes through detox. That'll be fun. Because living among the people who made you drink is healthy!

Drew went through some of his things and found the deeds. Yawn. Emma headed back to Candace's and got her to admit that John Ross hadn't had sex with the 16-year-old, which is why Harris had needed her to get DNA on a dress. Wait, is that Emma's new plan???

John Ross and Pamela arrived home to Southfork and met Bobby's friend Cal, who's ready to underwrite the IPO. Cue Sue Ellen's entrance, which meant John Ross lost his supermajority. So either he accepted Cal is the man for the job, or they'd stay at a stalemate and miss the bid on the arctic leases. John Ross had to say yes, and Bobby told his old football buddy Cal that when John Ross inevitably comes after him, he should make him think he got him.

While Emma arrived home with the dress, Elena found Drew waiting for her. Now he wants the Ewings to pay for screwing over their father. I don't understand why they can't see that J.R. is to blame, not the good Ewings. He stormed off, a loose cannon.

John Ross got a call that someone was at the Southfork gate, and it was the sheik's son telling him that his father had a change of heart when he saw John Ross be humble enough to admit he was wrong and brave enough to risk something he cares deeply about. That's the J.R. in him. The son gave him back J.R.'s watch. I don't think John Ross wanted it back. His father's ghost won't let him be.

Elena phoned Nicolas to tell him about Drew, and he said he'd handle it. He then sent Pamela the John Ross sex video. She was too busy having sex with John Ross to see it -- yet.

Nicolas met up with John Ross' "friend" Hunter McKay, who, it turns out, is setting up the shell corporations that will be used to buy the stock purchases that will give the Mexican ex-commandos Harris is in business with controlling interest in Ewing Global. They'll use it to launder drug money. If the plan doesn't succeed, they'll kill Nicolas' kids. That threat had him asking them for help finding Drew. How does Nicolas expect to be with Elena once he gets her bother killed?

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