Dallas recap: The Family That Blackmails Together...

Bobby will always protect Southfork, and Christopher thinks John Ross is even worse than J.R.
Ep. 05 | Aired Mar 24, 2014

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While Elena felt guilty working for a man like Cliff, Nicolas told her he was a means to an end for her family. Looking at J.R.'s autopsy photos, they noticed an incision on his chest. So they'll find out about his cancer?

Emma told John Ross she wants a piece of the arctic play, and he had to have sex with her again because she hadn't given him the documents yet. He told her she'd have to get back into the ranch because he doesn't want to stop seeing her. Let the boning commence.

Cliff called Elena and Nicolas back to Mexico, and he told them that Pamela really did believe he'd killed J.R. So if they could convince her that the Ewings framed him, she'd help them get their justice. Tricky.

Emma took John Ross' necklace off and told Ann that she broke up with him. That was all it took for Ann to let her stay. Oh, Ann. You are so easily manipulated. She went out to meet Harris at the gate and told him that Emma said she and John Ross were over -- and that she doesn't necessarily believe Emma because she's lied about so much. Good, Ann. But wait! Is Harris being nice to Ann as part of a plan or because he's realized that his mother is a worse influence on Emma? He told Ann he had been going to try to talk Emma into coming home with him, but he thinks she's better off with Ann, who's a better parent. Huh.

Just as John Ross got his contracts for the ships, Sue Ellen played her recording for the Governor and texted John Ross to turn on the TV. Stanley was resigning. Who was taking his place until the fall election? BOBBY!

The good news: John Ross slammed the door in his secretary's face after seeing that. The bad news: He left his mother a voicemail referring to her as another enemy, and she took out her flask after listening to it. When Bobby got back to the office, John Ross was waiting to confront him and Christopher. In short, Bobby will always protect Southfork, and Christopher thinks John Ross is even worse than J.R.; John Ross thinks that means he'll be able to win against whatever roadblocks Bobby sets.

Bobby looked worried, and he should be.

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