Dallas recap: Just Married (Again)

John Ross and Pamela had their wedding, but the day was far from perfect
Ep. 04 | Aired Mar 17, 2014


Bobby walked Pamela down the aisle as Emma held back tears. Christopher got in one last jab as best man: "So if you need any advice, you know, from someone who's been through this before, with the same bride..." Ha. Like we wish we could do in real life, we skipped the actual ceremony and went right to the reception where Christopher was skulking about and Bobby was at the bar peddling J.R.'s bourbon again. John Ross told Bobby that the railroad commissioner was giving him the drilling permit, and Bobby told him, once again, that J.R. never drilled the ranch and neither would he.

Bobby went inside and called the railroad commissioner to let him have it. Then he told Sue Ellen he was out of moves. She said she wasn't. OOH. That's gonna be good. John Ross and Pamela drove off in their "Just Married (Again)!!!" car and Heather found Christopher in the horse barn. He made the first move this time, and it was pretty hot. They started the total humpfest that followed by literally rolling around in the hay, while Pamela and John Ross, and Elena and Nicolas, went at it in beds elsewhere. Poor Emma cried alone in her room.

When Nicolas returned home, he found his wife waiting for him. She's decided she wants to stay in the marriage. If Nicolas doesn't give it another go, she'll tell the Ewings what he owes and who he owes it to. She said that would make him lose Elena, too. Interesting.

At the brothel, Harris was told that the Madam wanted to see him. He switched out the hard drives and went inside another room. It was, of course, HIS MOTHER. He told her he'd gotten the log files for his transactions with the cartel back (keeping her in the dark about the CIA), and that he was sure Emma actually had the files. "We did raise her to be smart," Judith said, toasting herself. Harris said John Ross was still controlling Emma, so they had to break them up. He'd gotten photos taken of John Ross with Sapphire and Chastity all over him. Inspired by Monica Lewinsky, he'd also gotten the dress Chastity had been wearing. Turns out she was only 16. It was missing one key "substance," Judith noted. Enter John Ross' secretary, who will fit that dress just fine. Okay, if John Ross sleeps with his secretary, then I have no problem with him getting blackmailed to 1.) stay away from Emma and 2.) stay the hell away from Ryland Transportation (which you know would be next).

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