Dallas recap: Playing Chicken

It's Emma's pool party, and she'll clomp around in chunky shoes if she wants to!
Ep. 03 | Aired Mar 10, 2014

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Back at Southfork, Bobby interrupted John Ross's little meeting with the now more agreeable ranch hands. Bobby's lunchtime chat with the railroad commissioner had sparked an idea: He's gotten the Sierra Club interested in investigating whether fracking on Southfork will endanger the precious Lesser Prairie Chicken population. I had never heard of the Lesser Prairie Chicken either, John Ross. But Bobby's right, it is cute. Love the shot from inside its cage peeking out at John Ross.

Nicolas was cooking for Elena while they waited for Rhonda's call. The stress was making Elena drink more than Sue Ellen. Luckily, Nicolas is also a masseuse. In case you missed that the shoulder rub was getting sensual, the closeups of his hands helped. Just when they almost kissed, Rhonda called. Nicolas should've listened to Elena: The Ewings are always one step ahead. Rhonda had brought... Bobby along. She'd phoned him for advice when she was approached by a stranger offering her big money for the truth about what she saw the night J.R. was shot. Bobby told her that she could tell his business associate the truth. She repeated the same story. Nicolas gave her the money anyway, so at least that's something nice. (Unless that will come back to bite the Ewings in the ass somehow.)

John Ross got home to his bedroom, and Pamela was there lighting candles. She took off her robe to reveal the same lingerie Emma had been wearing earlier at his office. I think Pamela's was more teal than green in that light. The flashbacks made John Ross feel so guilty, he said he wasn't feeling well and asked for a rain check. He went to take a shower. Couldn't he have taken Pamela with him since that means she would have had to take the lingerie off? A scoundrel should've been able to handle it then. Maybe there's hope for John Ross yet. (Look at that spin!)

Nicolas told Elena that Bobby had been at his meet, and she thought maybe it was time she accept that the Ewings always win. But remember what Nicolas' old partner said: NICOLAS always wins. Now was apparently the time for him to tell Elena what he's always wanted to say but never found the right moment for: He's never wanted a woman more than he wants her. He wants a chance to make her happy, if she'll allow it. Oh, she'll allow it. Sex scene!

Christopher, we learned, had been brought by those men to see... Nicolas' wife. Oh good, we can really start hating him now!

Your turn. Sudsy enough for you?

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