Dallas recap: Mama's Back

Surprise! Judith Light returns and gets the sexiest, most badass scene
Ep. 02 | Aired Mar 3, 2014

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The seismic results were in: It was close and Harold rechecked it three times, but the shale is in John Ross' surface rights. Hold up -- in Christopher's conversation with Nicolas, he'd caught him in a $100 million discrepancy talking about the deal he'd done with Cliff. So Christopher assumes it's a bogus deal and there's another reason why Nicolas is serving as Cliff's proxy. Maybe Cliff has something on him. It'll still take too long to confirm it, John Ross said, so he's frackin'. Bobby's going to try to delay John Ross while Christopher heads to Mexico.

Bobby's hard drive yielded an email from Bobby to Carlos Del Sol that said he'd talked to Rhonda Simmons and she agreed to play ball with them about J.R. Oops! Bum met up with John Ross and told him he hadn't found anything on Harris yet, but he gave him the photos he'd taken of him and Emma. That's nice that even though he lied to Sue Ellen, Bum still delivered the message, which was grow into your father's greatness, not his weakness. Either way, John Ross needs to get an apartment that's not all windows because next time it could be an enemy behind the lens.

In Nuevo Laredo, Mexico, Judith and Harris met with the man I presume is the head of the cartel at a rodeo ring. BEST SCENE OF THE EPISODE: When the man said Judith hadn't earned the trust he'd built with Harris over the years, she undid her jacket and slid his hands up and down her body so he could make sure she wasn't wired. AMAZING. "I feel like we've known each other forever, don't you?" she said, caressing his chest. SHE IS THE BEST THING EVER. She told him the Ryland Transportation trucks would be scrutinized, so they'd now be owned by a shell company and carry drilling fluid and waste water. She was changing the route to the shale trucking routes -- private roads where there'd be no border agent in sight. She was raising the price just a bit because she knows it's costing him millions every day that his cocaine route is shutdown. And OMG, she wanted to seal the deal with a taste of the product. SHE SNORTED A LINE OF COKE: "Hot damn. Mama like." She snorted another line and ran her finger suggestively around her teeth. Still, the cartel man told her another interruption in the process would be fatal for the family. Spoiler alert! It was Harris who was wired, unbeknownst to his mother. He got a call saying there was a problem. Senator McAllister called Bobby.

Bobby and Ann were stopped on their way to, I presume, meet McAllister. They were told to stop looking into the circumstances around Harris' release. It turns out Harris is working for the CIA. Four years ago, when the cartel came to him to run drugs, Harris went to them. The cartel guys are actually ex-commando of the Mexican army, using the drug money and influence to take down the Mexican government. The cartel thinks they flipped a dirty judge. If Bobby and Ann keep asking questions, they'll hurt Emma and Ann, Harris told them. Crazy? Yes. Awesome? Yes!

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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