Dallas recap: A Bang and a Blast

Christopher and John Ross play dirty, but Harris' and Cliff's games could be deadly
Ep. 08 | Aired Mar 18, 2013

THREESOME John Ross (Josh Henderson), Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) before the bomb went off on Christopher's rig.

Zade Rosenthal

What is Emma’s deal? She invited herself on a date with Drew and his motorcycle. Does she want to screw everyone now? Why isn't John Ross enough? Valene showed up at Southfork with daughter Lucy, and Gary was not happy to see her.

At the park, Emma told Drew about growing up in a giant glass bubble that she couldn’t escape and no one could enter. Harris’ guy saw them and reported back to Harris, who said to put Drew on the rig job. What’s happening?!

“Once a bitch, always a bitch,” Valene said to Sue Ellen when she confronted her at Ewing Energies. She said she’s not leaving Southfork until she shows Gary what a manipulative monster she is.

Harris' muscle found Drew at a bar and told him "they" need him to put a remote detonated bomb on Christopher’s rig so the boss can make Ewing methane technology look bad. He said it'd go off on a shift change so no one gets hurt and that Ewing Energies is insured. Drew said no. So the guy threatened to kill Elena. He's in.

Christopher dropped off the incriminating photos to Allison and told her to kill the Barnes Global deal and let the rig demonstration do the rest. We watched Drew making the bomb.

At home, Christopher "celebrated" with a drink and told Elena about what he'd just done: He saw it as making Allison keep her word; she saw it as blackmail and him turning into John Ross. He said he’s not going to apologize for winning. She told him she was going into business with her brother and wants no part of this. They still love each other in that way where they don’t actually like each other at the moment.

That night, we saw Drew sneaking out to the rig in a raft and hiding the bomb. Sue Ellen insisted to Gary that she was genuinely trying to get him back with Valene so he didn’t regret the moments he didn't spend with her after she's gone. (I almost believed her.)

This is when things got even better: Judith told Harris that she was leaving for London and the moment she lands, she’s going to freeze his assets and remove him as head of Ryland Transport. Do not have this conversation on the stairs, I thought. She told him he’s dead to her. She turned to leave, and he grabbed her. I don't think he pushed her down the steps; I think in pulling herself away, she lost her balance and fell. He didn't seem too quick to run to her aid though.

On the rig, Christopher's presentation went well. Pamela said she never thought she’d see the day when John Ross and Christopher worked together. "Me neither," they said simultaneously. Christopher now believed Pamela was on their side, too.

Harris' guy was in his vehicle, watching all this courtesy of two cameras on the rig. He saw Pamela, looking very pregnant, and called Cliff. Cliff asked if they could wait until she left to blow the bomb. It looked like they were all going to leave together. Cliff said they needed witnesses, so they should just do it. The guy stated the obvious: "But sir, she’s pregnant." Cliff just hung up. THAT IS HORRIBLE! (BUT GREAT TV!)

After Allison told Christopher the deal was his if the numbers check out, and the hugs started, the bomb was detonated. The cameras went dark. DAMN, DALLAS! Next week's episode is going to look like a low-budget Grey's Anatomy!

Your turn. What did you think of the episode?

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