Dallas recap: A Bang and a Blast

Christopher and John Ross play dirty, but Harris' and Cliff's games could be deadly
Ep. 08 | Aired Mar 18, 2013

THREESOME John Ross (Josh Henderson), Christopher (Jesse Metcalfe) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) before the bomb went off on Christopher's rig.

Zade Rosenthal

Hearing that Barnes Global was making a play, Bobby decided to turn back on the oil at Southfork because they’ll need all the money they can get -- and he needs John Ross on board. They have to stick together if they want to survive. They have to make Allison Jones see things their way again. And with J.R. dead, they have to find their own inner junkyard dog. John Ross had an idea.

Harris’ muscle found a guy to sabotage the Ewing rig. Harris also asked him to look after Emma, thinking Drew Ramos was a bit too quick to be her savior when Harris visited the ranch. We found out Drew doesn’t know he was driving truck for Harris, who’s trafficking stolen goods. Fun!

Speaking of Drew, he asked Bobby to let him buy his father’s land. Bobby said no, until Elena stepped in and promised she’d keep Drew on track so he didn’t suffer the same fate as their father. She'd take full responsibility for whatever happens. Sold! Only they never talked money. But hugs all around!

It was great to see Christopher and Bobby working together to send Pamela out the door from which she entered. She insisted she had no clue about Barnes Global trying to steal the DCT contract, but the cousins both know she’s a liar so they were tough to convince.

John Ross went to see Allison and told her that he wanted her to tell Christopher that methane will never get that contract. A lot of double entendre-filled track talk that made me giggle followed. John Ross said she'd make a great senator, even better than her husband, and that he has a lot of oil man friends willing to bank her campaign if she throws the DCT contract to the oil side of Ewing Energies. She was almost convinced. He offered to get her there. Boo! We cut away before that got good.

Back at Harris' house, Judith tried to get an apology. "You will apologize to me, I promise you that,” she said. That frosted white suit was befitting the Ice Queen. Well done, wardrobe department!

Gary went to see Sue Ellen, who was getting teary-eyed over a picture of her and J.R. on her desk. He came to check on her drinking. She insisted it was just that one moment of weakness (that lasted the entire night before J.R.’s funeral). She told him she had been playing him to get the oil turned back on at Southfork, but now that Bobby has done that, she doesn’t need him. He took it well, thinking she’s just pushing him away because she doesn’t want to admit her drinking is a problem. She called Valene, Gary’s wife, and told her that he’s too proud to say he misses her. And oh look, she poured herself another drink and winked at J.R.’s picture.

John Ross was where, at a hotel with matching robes and a kickass balcony off the room? Or was that his place? Either way, Allison ran her hand across his butt. More of that, please! He said he was getting his wind back and had to double up his cardio. Actually, he was kissing her so Bum could photograph them from a neighboring building. Nice. Bum called Christopher and said that John Ross wanted him to tell him "welcome to the dark side." Did Bobby sign off on that portion of the plan, too?

Pamela was waiting outside for John Ross when he got home. She told home that Allison flipped because Cliff promised to back her political career. John Ross assured her he was way ahead of her. But now he believes that she wasn’t in on that. He apologized if he was tough on her and sent her home to get her rest after inviting her to the rig demonstration.

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