Dallas recap: The End of J.R. Ewing

As Christopher and John Ross fight over control of Ewing Energies, we once again find ourselves asking, "Who shot J.R.?"
Ep. 06 | Aired Mar 4, 2013

BEST DRESSED LOSERS Pamela didn't side with John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Sue Ellen (Linda Gray).

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The DCT committee showed up at the racetrack (with wine, apparently!), as did the Ewings and Pamela. Pamela told John Ross she didn’t enjoy being in the middle of him and Christopher (do not make a three-way joke), and John Ross told her when Christopher loses the race, he’ll enjoy having her back on his team. (Did you think he was going to add "and in my bed"? I did.)

As Elena waved the green flag for the four-car race at Texas Motor Speedway, Judith went in to Emma’s room to hurry her along for their flight and saw that Emma was gone. Eventually, Judith harassed Harris into telling her what he ever saw in Ann that was so bewitching. Harris grabbed her, and to be honest, there was roughly 5 percent of me that thought they might actually kiss. “I loved her,” Harris said, “because she wasn’t you.” He shoved his mother, and she collapsed to the ground in the corner of the hallway in tears.

At first, Ricky looked good in the race -- “I sure do love this car,” he told Christopher on the radio. Bad writing, bad delivery, or both? When the other cars came in for their first pit stop, Ricky was able to keep going. But then something happened with Ricky’s pressure regulator and the car started running hot. He had to keep driving without blowing the engine. Master mechanic Christopher got the regulator off the prototype, and Ricky pitted so it could be replaced. They were a lap down. Montage! Why was I biting my nails?! The other cars came in to pit again, and Ricky was able to stay out and gain the lap back. Ultimately, Ricky won on the last lap. Suck it, John Ross!

As Ricky celebrated his win and $250,000 payday, Christopher talked to the flirty DCT woman, who said the committee was ready to push this deal through the City Council as soon as they were convinced Christopher had enough methane to support their fleet. (John Ross' next attack?) Pamela told Christopher that she and her father are with him because it’s what’s best for the company. So, John Ross and Sue Ellen can’t sell off the methane patent and don’t have control of the company. Christopher said either they give back Elena’s shares, or he and Bobby leave the oil off. John Ross said they were calling his bluff. Christopher told him he’d look back one day and realize he only had himself and his greed to blame for losing that oil.

Ann and Bobby arrived home and found Emma on their doorstep with a suitcase. “Can I stay?” she asked Ann. “Welcome home,” Ann said. Ah. That made that whole story line worth it, right? How soon until John Ross makes a move on Emma?

Speaking of John Ross, he was drinking his worries away when he got a call from J.R. and told him that Christopher had won the race. John Ross said there was a play with the DCT woman, and J.R. told him not to worry -- he had a plan, too, and it was going to be his masterpiece because John Ross shouldn’t have to pay for his sins. John Ross asked him what he meant. “Just remember, I’m proud of ya," J.R said. "You’re my son, from tip to tail." John Ross got a little teary when he told his father that meant a lot. We heard a door open and then footsteps. J.R. lowered the phone, like he knew what was coming. We watched John Ross’ face as he heard two gunshots. “J.R.? Hello? Dad! Dad! Dad?” John Ross yelled.

Producers had to rework episodes after Larry Hagman's death. Of course this one had to end with us once again asking, "Who shot J.R.?" What's your guess?

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