Dallas recap: Hostage Crisis

The family that fights together, stays together... for the length of a commercial break
Ep. 05 | Aired Feb 25, 2013

GAME ON And this is actually the calm before the storm.

Zade Rosenthal

Sue Ellen and John Ross came to Southfork to present Elena with the papers seizing her shares and a nasty verbal fight ensued between the ladies. Bobby had been brought up to speed and stormed off to get J.R., but J.R. was gone. The cut to Vicente's SUV made me worry he'd taken J.R. already somehow. He's not worthy of killing J.R.!

Bobby went into his home office and prepared to show Sue Ellen what was on the cloud drive that would send J.R. and John Ross to prison. But it started deleting itself. That video J.R. had sent Bobby was the culprit. "What’d you expect, Uncle Bobby? You keep a junk yard dog like J.R. tied up long enough, he’s only gonna get meaner," John Ross said. Bobby started shoving John Ross toward the door. "You get out of my house, you pathetic little son of bitch!" This is a new Bobby!

Vicente and his crew pulled up and collected Rebecca, who'd arrived a moment before, on their way into the house. Vicente slapped John Ross in front of the whole family for turning him in and painting him as the one with dishonor. "You see, in my country, when a man makes a deal, he honors it," Vicente said. The plan was for Christopher to retrieve the plans and prototypes with one of the henchmen while Vicente and his other goons stayed there and prepared to hurt his Rebecca if he didn't return in an hour. Only John Ross was the one to jump up and protest. "You Ewing boys share after all! I love it!" Vicente said. So he knew to put the gun to Elena's head. She's where Christopher's heart is now.

While Ann testified on her own behalf and begged Emma for a second chance from the stand, John Ross and Elena used the hostage situation to have a heart-to-heart in case they didn't make it. She just wanted to know why he'd screwed her out of her shares. “You broke my heart," he said, honestly. She tried to remind him that she saw the good in him when no one else did. He said the day she stopped seeing the good in him was the day it died. Also honest. Bobby and Sue Ellen also talked. He said she could break the cycle of Bobby/Christopher always doing good and J.R./John Ross always doing bad by giving back the shares so John Ross doesn't win. No answer. John Ross and Pamela also eventually talked, and she told him the truth about her keeping the shares: It's the first time she's pleased her father. She asked if she'd just been revenge sex. "Revenge sex is all I could afford," he said. Liar.

Back at Ann's hearing, Harris testified and again repeated that Ann’s last words to him in the hospital were that she wished he was dead. Ann was growing increasingly concerned that Bobby and the family weren't there. Christopher, meanwhile, retrieved the prototype at Ewing Energies, and as he and the man guarding him walked back toward the elevator to leave, Christopher threw the prototype at the guy. Why slo-mo? Was it going to explode or something? I assume not since Christopher tackled the guy to the ground and a floor scuffle erupted. Christopher eventually got the guy's gun, but the guy had retrieved his phone and had his finger ready to hit send on a message to Vicente that said "Kill her." Who had the fastest trigger finger? Commercial break!

The jury ended up giving Ann probation. Suck, it Harris and Judith! Judith protested, and the judge let her and Harris have it. Clearly, he was on Ann's side: "You’d done that to me, sir, hell, I might have shot you, too." Texas! Ann told Lou they should hurry home.

Christopher and the guy returned. Vicente took the prototype and Elena as his technological insurance policy. Outside, Vicente walked Elena to the arriving helicopter, just as Drew arrived home. Inside the house, Christopher and John Ross pretended they were going to fight, but instead, the two of them and Bobby started a Ewing vs. Venezuelan brawl. That felt like watching Stallone in The Expendables, and I mean that in a good, over-the-top way. Christopher ran out and punched Vicente. Vicente was about to fire on Christopher, who was shielding Elena (ever the gentlemen), when Vicente got shot in the back. I thought maybe J.R. had just gone out hunting and returned home at the right time. It was Drew. So I guess he's off the hook with Elena and Christopher.

Christopher and John Ross gave each other a nod. John Ross kissed Rebecca’s forehead. Bobby told Sue Ellen they were stronger as a family than they were apart. Ann arrived home. All was well. For a second.

Next we saw John Ross, he was introducing his mother as a new board member at Ewing Energies. John Ross' confidence is back -- his hair was huge. Bobby couldn't believe Sue Ellen was going through with this, but she said he was right: They are stronger together. And cue Bobby's turning point from wanting to save the family to wanting the other half out of it: "I never go looking for a fight, but when one finds me I sure as hell finish it," he said. "And they are in for the fight of their lives."

Your turn. What did you think of the episode? How would you like to see J.R. go out next week?

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