Dallas recap: Hostage Crisis

The family that fights together, stays together... for the length of a commercial break
Ep. 05 | Aired Feb 25, 2013

GAME ON And this is actually the calm before the storm.

Zade Rosenthal

Once we saw Elena tell Christopher how she was handling the Drew situation and he'd be pleading guilty, we started Ann's hearing. Bobby was amazing on the stand, talking about how he met Ann when she was working as a therapist using horses as a way to build with battered women. He said the jury was right to find her guilty, but they should do the just thing again and take into account the full truth of what Harris had done to her when sentencing her. Very well-played.

Rebecca got a call from Cliff, and she told her she'd infiltrated Ewing Energies just like he wanted. She teared up as her dad praised her. We didn't get to hear it, but whatever pride he expressed was enough for Rebecca to tell John Ross that she had to hold on to her shares. She said it was for the sake of the babies and her not wanting to fight with Christopher anymore. She said he won’t need her shares once Sue Ellen gets Elena’s, and he’ll have her support on the board and not have to give up the methane patent. Not good enough. “Game on,” he said. Stupid move, I thought. He should've kept her firmly on his side.

Bobby went to see Emma at the stable and told her she has another family at Southfork that is there if she needs anything. "I won’t be needing you. I promise," she said. Good thing she swept her hair behind her ear like Ann always does. Bobby commented on it, and we knew we'd be seeing her at the hearing.

Christopher went to confront Drew about being a screwup, and Drew said he was trying to earn money to buy his father’s land back from Bobby. He insisted he'd checked the truck before he started back -- so someone must've smashed the taillight. He said he had a bad feeling about the foreman he'd fired who'd purposely drilled at the wrong angle. Who would want to keep Elena from pumping oil? Christopher guessed John Ross, and had the one male who works underneath him at Ewing Energies pull Elena's contract with Sue Ellen. He saw the clause and called Elena, but she was too late. MAYBE TRY YELLING, ELENA? Elena blamed her brother for ruining everything she'd been working for and told him to get his own way home. Cold!

So now, Vicente was being transported, and as soon as he got in the SUV, the cuffs were taken off. He was told he had two hours before his escape would be reported. Pamela signed her deal with Christopher and told her assistant she'd take it and a DVD ultrasound to the house herself.

Emma went to see Sue Ellen before that day's hearing and saw Ann do the hair thing herself. Emma said she'd come to show her support... for her father. Ann told her she was a good daughter. I can see why Ann and Bobby are together -- they both can be so compassionate and levelheaded (when they're not shooting someone). Ann could see that Emma was torn and worried about what her father would do if she wanted a relationship with Ann. So Ann told a story about the time she'd gotten highlights without consulting Harris and got so nervous about his reaction, she'd dyed her hair back before he got home. But Harris figured out what she'd done and was furious anyway, reinforcing that she was stupid and worthless. She told Emma it gets easier. What? Thinking about disobeying him?

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