Dallas recap: Trial and Error

Ann receives a quick verdict, but the jury is still out on the latest moves by Christopher, John Ross, and J.R.
Ep. 04 | Aired Feb 18, 2013

CREATIVE CHARACTER NAMES Emma (Emma Bell) and Judith (Judith Light) make a nice family memory in court.

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The trial continued, and it wasn’t looking good for Ann: A detective described it as premeditated murder and the trauma surgeon who treated Harris said most “sudden passion” crimes are messy, so there would have been multiple shots. This single shot to the chest was more like an execution. Pamela testified that Ann was kind and would only have fired on Harris if she’d felt cornered and had been seriously provoked.

Harris was finally well enough to testify and was wheeled to the stand. He told a story about Ann having abandoned young Emma at their house alone while she went out with friends. He came home to find Emma hungry, crying hysterically, and sitting in dirty diapers. Then he said he watched Ann walk away from Emma that day at the Texas State Fair.

Anna took the stand next and weaved a story of her own: She grew up poor and never felt pretty. Her mother took her to doctors to see if they could make her stop growing after she hit puberty. But then Harris came along, and they were happy -- until his suffocating mother started to interfere. (Cut to a smartass look from Judith in the crowd.) Judith put ideas in Harris’ head about Ann being a gold digger and seeing other men. He then tried to control Ann like he’d been controlled, and he shouted at her if she did anything not to his liking. She felt trapped when she had Emma and was diagnosed with postpartum depression and put on medication.

She left Emma with Judith, so she could go see a divorce lawyer, and Judith lied to Harris and said Ann had abandoned her. Harris found out about Ann’s plans to divorce him and forced her to see a psychiatrist who put her on more medication. One day, she took a few more pills than she should have and took Emma to the State Fair to get out of the house. It was so hot, she left Emma in her stroller and went to get a soda. She was only gone a couple of minutes. She turned back, and Emma was gone. Harris looked uncomfortable in his seat, like he might believe Ann. She seemed convincing. (But seriously, Ann, take the stroller with you!)

Outside the courthouse, Christopher talked to Emma and urged her to tell the truth -- her truth. On the stand, she hesitated when asked if she heard Ann say she shot Harris and she wished he was dead at the hospital. But then she confirmed it. Instead of saying what cruelty she’d heard coming out of her father’s mouth, she said she could think of no justification for Ann shooting him, that she loves her father and wakes up every morning grateful that he rescued her from her mother. Emma was clearly upset about having to say those words. Ann mouthed, “It’s okay.”

The best thing to come out the trial (or worst) was always level-headed Christopher seeing the kind of pain a child goes through when one parent brainwashes them against the other. He told Pamela he didn’t want their kids to be raised with their parents poisoning their minds against each other and he agreed to mediation. The babies kicked, and Pamela had Christopher feel them. He teared up. He’s such a crier! Afterward, Cliff congratulated Pamela on getting Christopher to the table. She really is just a pawn. Ugh, am I starting to like her again?

While at a restaurant with allegedly great pie, they got the call that a verdict had come in and would be read the next day. Ann was found guilty of attempted murder. Emma ran out of the courtroom crying. Will she tell the truth and help Ann appeal?

As Ann was being handcuffed and led off, Bobby told her, “We’ll figure it out,” and darn it if I didn’t believe him. He’s so calm and steady. Vicente was also being led somewhere at that moment. The smile on his face – he’s up to something. Again, if it involves J.R., I will toss my TV. (Okay, I won’t. I love my TV. But possibly a pillow.)

Your turn. Theories?

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