Dallas recap: Trial and Error

Ann receives a quick verdict, but the jury is still out on the latest moves by Christopher, John Ross, and J.R.
Ep. 04 | Aired Feb 18, 2013

CREATIVE CHARACTER NAMES Emma (Emma Bell) and Judith (Judith Light) make a nice family memory in court.

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A quick time jump, and it was one month later and the start of Ann’s trial. With Harris still recovering, Judith testified that early in the marriage, Ann began spending their money, staying out late, and picking up men. Harris thought a baby would tame her, but Ann wanted an abortion. Ann had supposedly used manipulation, “sexual and otherwise,” against Harris. She was so angry and awful, the judge agreed that she needed to step off the stand. That woman is not likable. I think the jury and Emma had to be swayed to Ann’s side at that point.

We had to check in with Drew Ramos, who’d made four runs in that mysterious rig of his. John Ross knows there’s a moral clause in Elena’s contract with Sue Ellen that not only covers Elena but also her employees, so he told Clyde to go get him. Later, we watched as Clyde broke one of the truck’s taillights so the cops would stop Drew. They looked inside, of course, and instead of finding automotive supplies, they found women’s purses and shoes. No! Not even drugs? It was really just that he was smuggling? Boring! Let’s just knock this out now: Elena got the call and was none too pleased with her brother. He said this time it was trouble finding him -- never drive a truck when you don’t know what’s inside, A-hole. It hasn’t hit Elena yet, what kind of drama this will cause for her.

Then, we found out Ann wanted Pamela to be a character witness. What? The woman is a known con artist, even if, in the eyes of the court, she’s been redeemed. But Pamela assured Christopher that Ann is the only Ewing who never turned on her so she wouldn’t betray her. And also, she added, she knows what Ann went through: If she was involved in Tommy’s murder, it was because he abused her and she was protecting herself and Christopher’s babies. If Christopher was going to keep vilifying her, she threatened to take Barnes Global and his children to Bermuda. Outside the courthouse, Pamela thanked John Ross for going to her father about Frank. (She hasn’t seen John Ross for a month to do that?) He wanted to get dinner, but taking her father’s advice, she said no. She needs to protect their business arrangement.

Back inside the courthouse, J.R. shot John Ross daggers, and Sue Ellen told J.R. she wanted him to forgive his son because that’s what fathers do. She also told him she was the one who gave John Ross a direct line to Cliff, so he should blame her instead. Later, J.R. wanted to have a heart-to-heart with John Ross in the men’s room, but John Ross said he didn’t need his forgiveness. “You don’t need my wrath either. We dinosaurs are known to bite,” J.R. said. When John Ross got the call from Clyde about Drew’s arrest, father and son seemed to be on the side again, so all is well again.

The courthouse was certainly busy: Vicente came through with an escort, who told Bobby and Christopher that as a courtesy to the Venezuelan consulate, Vicente was getting an extradition hearing. Vicente made sure we knew he still has business to settle with the Ewings. (If that bastard touches J.R., I WILL not be happy. He’s not worthy.)

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