Dallas recap: The Ultimate Betrayal

John Ross plots against J.R., while Harris' mother proves she's just as evil
Ep. 03 | Aired Feb 11, 2013

RISKY BUSINESS John Ross (Josh Henderson) ignored even Cliff Barnes' warning and made a move against J.R. (Larry Hagman).

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Sue Ellen met him at his office, and John Ross asked her to put him in touch with Cliff. She thought it was something bad he was doing with J.R., but John Ross told her he was going around J.R. this time. Sue Ellen said he better be prepared to face his father’s full fury if he made this move, and John Ross said, “What I’m protecting is worth it.” Damn, Pamela must be great in bed, because that’s all John Ross knows about her. (Or did he mean the shares in Ewing Energies?) Sue Ellen gave him a speech about his decisions being his own and then handed him Cliff’s private number. “Be careful, because this could change everything,” she warned.

As we suspected, Drew figured out the foreman (John Ross had bought) had changed the drilling angle at the Henderson well. They weren’t going to clear the salt dome. Drew asked him to tell the crew to correct the angle, and when the foreman wouldn’t, Drew fired him. The foreman came to the office to see John Ross, but said he was there to see Elena when Christopher busted them together. Christopher was suspicious -- and he really should be smart enough to piece two and two together since he knows Sue Ellen is currently pressuring Elena to strike oil. Also as we expected, John Ross called Clyde to dig up dirt on Drew so he can get him fired. Elena went to the site and assumed Drew had a chip on his shoulder from all the times a foreman fired him and was in the wrong, but after she actually looked at the angle on paper, she agreed with him. When Drew drove off, he was tailed. Later, Clyde saw him hop into a rig for some kind of shady transport job. I just don’t have it in me to care about Drew. Sorry.

Bobby did get out on bail, and then he did what we’d all want to do in that moment: Have a drink with J.R. Ewing. J.R. guessed that Bobby was covering for Ann, but he wouldn’t try to change his mind. “Try to talk Bobby Ewing out of what he believes is right? I got a better chance of winning the Good Samaritan award,” J.R. said. Bobby laughed, J.R. smiled, and I teared up. And that was even before J.R assured Bobby that he’d figure out a way to win the trial. “You will. And if things get sticky, just give me a wink,” J.R. said, “and I’ll pay a visit to the judge and tug a string or two. No baby brother of mine is going to spend his twilight years in jail.” Did they cut a little quickly because Patrick Duffy was about to tear up? It was such a sweet moment between Duffy and Hagman, I’d have liked to linger for a few seconds more.

John Ross met with Cliff and told him Frank was conspiring with J.R. against Pamela. Cliff didn’t want to believe him because of Frank’s 25 years with him and the unlikelihood that John Ross would risk his daddy’s wrath. But John Ross told him he’d be foolish not to check it out. Cliff would also be foolish not to investigate why John Ross is concerned with Pamela’s well being. That should come back and bite John Ross in the ass -- that says they have a deal, too.

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