Dallas season finale recap: J.R.'s Masterpiece Unveiled

J.R.'s killer is revealed, as are two new alliances we didn't see coming
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 15, 2013

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON John Ross (Josh Henderson) just became the guy we love to hate.

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After Sue Ellen reported her good news to Bobby while wearing a bold white suit -- she’s feeling anything but evil -- Bobby got a call from Drew, who told him Roy had been arrested and that the shoes Harris was transporting were made from high-impact pressure-molded cocaine. Drew said the Ewings should be able to leverage the charges against Roy to get what they need on Harris, and, oh yeah, he’s not turning himself in. Coward! But good riddance. That character was boring. Let’s never hear about Papi's well again. (Wishful thinking!)

While Christopher slept off a hangover in Zürich, Elena was home in Dallas hearing her mother tell her that Drew had other options than to blow that rig. Elena needs to apologize to Christopher and give him time to forgive her, mom said. Um, mom, you’re the one that made Elena help him in the first place!

At the bank, John Ross and Pamela prepared to slip the belt buckle into Cliff’s safe deposit box. Won't there be a paper trail saying the two of them visited the box? That worries me. Meanwhile, Emma snuck into her dad’s office presumably looking for pills -- or was she helping the Ewings? Confused!

Christopher got a call that his mother was cleaning out her account. He ran after her and Gordon, in slow-motion, and it was the woman we had seen making the noise at the house earlier. He asked who she was, and my DVR cut off. Cliffhanger! Until I played the second hour. Pamela and John Ross found Pam’s death certificate from Abu Dhabi in Cliff's safe deposit box -- dated July 14, 1989. Sad trombone. No Victoria Principal for us!

Harris found Emma rifling through his things, and she told him she was looking for pills. Good thing he kept those in the safe... with whatever she was really interested in scoring.

Gordon told Christopher that Pam had come to him after the accident that burned over 60 percent of her body. She left Dallas because she didn’t want to scare her little boy -- she thought she was hideous. They got to the final round of surgeries, and she found out she had pancreatic cancer and was dying. She wanted to recover and see Christopher again, so he brought her to Abu Dhabi for an experimental treatment, but it didn’t work. She died. When Cliff found out that Pam’s shares would go to Christopher, he contacted the doctor and the woman who’d been Pam’s nurse and asked them to keep her death a secret so that he could control her shares. In exchange, Cliff supported them. The nurse gave Pam’s will to Christopher, along with a letter she’d written to him before her death. Cry, Christopher, cry! And cue the music.

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