Dallas season finale recap: J.R.'s Masterpiece Unveiled

J.R.'s killer is revealed, as are two new alliances we didn't see coming
Ep. 12 | Aired Apr 15, 2013

LIKE FATHER, LIKE SON John Ross (Josh Henderson) just became the guy we love to hate.

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Back at Southfork, Rhonda, the woman J.R. had met with the night he died, was brought in so Pamela could show her a picture of Cliff. She had seem him before: He was at the club that night, too, staring at J.R. and her. John Ross stormed off, convinced that was all the proof they needed. Bobby said he believed Cliff was the killer now, too, but he couldn’t do what John Ross wanted: Sheriff Derrick had no jurisdiction since the crime took place in Mexico, and even if Carlos could help in Mexico, there wasn’t enough evidence for a conviction if they could somehow get Cliff there. John Ross wanted the gun that J.R. had left him then. If Cliff wasn’t going to jail, he’d put him in the ground, he said. Bobby reminded John Ross what J.R. had written in the letter: They take from Cliff what he wanted from them -- his company -- and then Bobby would know what to do. They had to get control of Barnes Global, which means Christopher needs Pam’s shares. Then Bobby would need a day to get things ready, and they’d need Pamela’s help, he said. I love Bobby and John Ross scenes.

Christopher and Elena take more showers than any other two people on television. While she was in the shower, he stumbled upon the cell she used to call Drew. He dialed, Drew answered, and Christopher knew Elena had been lying to him. He confronted her, and she tried to explain. But Christopher was having none of it. After a lot of shouting and a little lip quivering, he said she better be gone by the time he got back.

Things started moving fast: At Southfork, Emma was not at all happy about being weaned off her pills in preparation for rehab. In Zürich, Christopher wasn’t taking Elena’s calls. In the governor's office, Sue Ellen was showing McConaughey her copy of the initial TESHA report saying there were two explosions. Sue Ellen poured herself a drink, or so we thought. It was for the governor. She doesn’t need it anymore. She was going to screw over Ken Richards and blackmail the governor sober. While they talked eminent domain, Drew went into a bar and told the barmaid to call him at his hotel room if she hears from her friend Roy. Drew can’t be that stupid, right? He wanted her to call Roy and tell him where he was staying.

After sourpuss Emma showed up on her dad’s doorstep and asked to come home, Bobby gave John Ross a replica of J.R.’s belt buckle. He had John Ross ask Pamela to help plant it on Cliff to tie him to the murder. The buckle had been stolen the night J.R. died. He told her they may not be able to prove Cliff's role in the rig explosion, but this can give them both justice. She agreed. (And that was J.R.'s real belt buckle, right? They were just lying because we weren't supposed to know Bum was there to take it.)

At Drew’s motel, we got a masterful dual Honda and F-150 product placement shot as Roy pulled in next to Drew’s bike. While Roy went upstairs to Drew’s room, Drew planted the shoe, which dissolved into cocaine, in the back seat of his truck. We thought Roy was then chasing Drew, but when the cops pulled them over, the rider wasn’t Drew -- it was the dude we’d seen sitting at the bar when Drew talked to the barmaid. I guess he wanted to make a few quick bucks by allowing himself to be chased by a guy who wanted the man he was posing as dead? Not smart. But it worked out for him.

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