Dallas recap: Family Ties

The truth about the explosion comes out, and John Ross and Pamela go all in
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC: John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) are back in business.


Tension were high at Southfork, where John Ross insinuated to Christopher that Elena may know where Drew is and just isn’t telling them. The good news: They were going to have the cops who impounded the truck Drew was driving when he got arrested recently search it again and try to link it to Harris. Emma went to see her father because she recognized Roy as someone who works for him, and now she understood what Drew meant when he said he’d go to the Feds and take down Harris and himself if she didn’t stop with the drugs and Buckle Bunnying. But Harris being Harris convinced Emma this was all her fault because consequences follow chaos, which she created when she left him. He told her to get some pills from upstairs, then go fetch her things at Southfork and move home. Meanwhile, the charges against Roy were dropped because all the State had was Drew’s letter.

Without knowing what was going to happen with Pamela No. 1’s shares, Bobby told John Ross what Bum had overheard when he was eavesdropping on Pamela No. 2’s lunch with her father. She hadn’t yet told John Ross that she scored her aunt Catherine’s shares. They need those. Bobby asked John Ross if he loved Pamela, and John Ross said it wasn’t about love, it’s about the family now. So was Bobby telling John Ross to screw her or SCREW HER? They got interrupted by the police coming to get Bobby and Ann and taking them to a scene of an accident. They’d found pills in Emma’s wrecked car. She was fine, but they’ll have to book her for driving under the influence. Ann and Emma had it out after Emma called Ann a hypocrite: She’d done for four years with Harris and Judith and escaped; Emma had done 20 years. They both self-medicated. Yes, but now Ann isn’t the one with the problem. Ann said she wouldn’t bail Emma out until she promised to go to rehab. Won’t she just call her father then? Oh, Ann thought of that. She told Bobby to tell Derrick to make sure Emma can’t call Harris. That’s legal?

Drew called Elena and told her that he was going to find Roy but needed money to do it. Her mother begged her to help him. So she’s lying to Christopher now. Elena’s smart, so this should be good. She needs something to do on this show, right?

John Ross was waiting at Pamela’s when she got home. To her credit, she told him right away about her father giving her the shares. After lunch, she’d been at Barnes Global signing the paperwork. John Ross turned her words about them manipulating and seducing each other back on her: he needs more than her word that she won’t choose her father or herself over J.R.’s masterpiece. But what does that mean? A contract?

Elena and her mother met up with Drew, and after his mother yelled at him, Elena gave him $5,000 and an untraceable cell phone. They wanted him to go to Mexico, but he’s insisting on staying and finding Roy. He told Elena to find the oil and make their father proud. Yawn. That is the lamest story line on this show. Next. Drew rode off on his bike without a helmet on. Even if it’s night time, that’s dumb Drew. GET A HELMET. PEOPLE CAN RECOGNIZE YOU.

Christopher got a call that someone at a bank in Zürich thinks they saw his mother. It’s been 24 years since Bobby saw her, and that was after the car accident that left her burned and covered in bandages -- so Bobby couldn’t tell if the photo of a woman in a large hat was her or not. Christopher’s going to Zürich, Elena’s going with him.

Sue Ellen came to Southfork to update Bobby on how no bank will touch them and Ken is still not found. Bobby got a text from John Ross saying Pamela’s shares will be his by morning. That cheered Bobby up a bit. He knew what J.R. would say: Let Cliff go all in and think he’s won. Let him be the architect of his own disaster. “Well, big brother,” Bobby said raising a glass to a photo of J.R., “as you wish.” The music started, and we cut to Pamela and John Ross getting married! He asked her if she was doing it because she loved him or hated her father. Her answer? “I do.” (Did they have a prenup where she said the shares were shared, or is he hoping to score half the shares in a divorce if it comes to that?) Next, we cut to Cliff coming into Ewing Energies and asking Bobby for the keys to the kingdom. Bobby handed them over and told him not to get too comfortable. Cliff said he could only imagine the look on J.R.’s face right now. “Me, too,” Bobby said, smiling and walking away in slow motion. Badass Bobby. Who knew?

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