Dallas recap: Family Ties

The truth about the explosion comes out, and John Ross and Pamela go all in
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC: John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) are back in business.


At the top of the second hour, we joined Pamela No. 2 at her place, where she was hacking into her father’s files trying to find something that would pin him to the explosion. John Ross walked out in his tank top and boxers, assured her they’d find something, and celebrated by having sex on the couch. Correction: They were on the floor. That, we found out with a quick cut back to them after Cliff bragged to a caution-preaching Harris about waltzing into Ewing Energies with his daughter by his side.

At the office, we got a status report: Dead ends everywhere. Christopher was nervous that John Ross had told Pamela about his search for his mother -- Pamela No. 2 hadn’t known her aunt had one-third of the company while she held none. Meanwhile, at Southfork, even Emma’s horse was annoyed by her. Ann tried to tell Emma she was there for her and strong enough for both of them, but Emma still doesn’t want help.

Christopher came up empty-handed looking at his file on Harris, so Elena took a peek and noticed the shoes. She confronted Drew -- that’s why he didn’t want her to tell the Ewings about Harris beating him, he was driving/muling for him. Amazingly, Drew came clean about everything regarding the bomb, too. Elena told him he had to fess up, and maybe, if his testimony proved the evil triad conspiracy, the Ewings would help him. When she stormed off, he got out a gun.

On Elena's long walk back to the main house, Emma had time to behave like a brat, and Ann finally filled Bobby in on her addiction. Patrick Duffy gives great hugs, I bet. Elena interrupted them to tell Bobby about Drew. By the time she, Bobby, and Christopher returned to Drew’s guest house, he was gone. He’d signed the land and his shares of their company over to Elena and left a full confession, but they need him to really put the triad away.

At Pamela’s, John Ross got word about the manhunt for Drew. Cliff showed up to whisk Pamela off to lunch, and John Ross had to hide. Nice to see a man in a suit down on the ground like a high school student busted in his girlfriend’s bedroom. At lunch, Cliff offered Pamela a pair of her late aunt Catherine’s earrings, and Pamela played it brilliantly: She didn’t want the heirloom, she wanted the shares Cliff had inherited when Catherine died. He raised a glass, which I assume meant yes. His toast was interrupted because he got summoned away to meet with the governor and Harris, who were watching the news and saw Roy had been arrested and a warrant was out for Drew. Cliff wasn’t worried though: Roy disappears, Drew gets painted as a lone wolf with a grudge against the Ewings, and Christopher’s technology is redeemed quicker than expected. Let’s have another drink!

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