Dallas recap: Family Ties

The truth about the explosion comes out, and John Ross and Pamela go all in
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC: John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) are back in business.


While Sue Ellen and Bum played nicely together -- he’s on the Ken case -- John Ross drank some bourbon out of his father’s signature bottle and glasses and lamented the irony of Pamela thinking the one time he told the truth was a lie. That was a nice scene between John Ross and Bobby, who said he knows how complicated it is to care about a Pamela Barnes -- she’ll always be a Barnes first.

Drew caught Emma kissing McCabe, who came through with some Vicodin. Why did he put on that long-sleeved shirt? The bicep-baring T-shirt was so much hotter. Emma pulled McCabe away before the pissing match really got started. The Ewing men also got screwed over: Harris had anticipated them sitting on his trucks. When Derrick saw one veer away from the others, he followed it. Harris’ right hand, Roy, had switched out the cargo, so it was just women’s shoes. Roy even got some cash from Bobby when he promised to call if he saw anything suspicious with Ryland trucks.

At Southfork, Drew confronted Emma and asked her how many pills she costs a night. Ouch! And awesome. She threatened to get a restraining order against him if he keeps trying to help her, and he threatened to go to the Feds about her father’s real business if he sees her with more pills or McCabe. He’s willing to go down with Harris for Emma. I should find that sweet, but is she worth it? Now Emma is snorting Vicodin? You can do that?

Things were worse for the Ewings, who found out the bank had sold their loan to Cliff Barnes, who was calling it in. They need to come up with $200 million in the next 24 hours, or Cliff will own them. John Ross called Pamela and asked her to ask her father why he’d want a company with a $1 billion fine and methane technology that doesn’t work: He knows Christopher’s technology wasn’t at fault, and the only way that happens is if he’s to blame.

Pamela got home and found her father waiting with flowers and a note that read “We did it!” He told her how with a few well-placed campaign donations he’d make the fine go away, how they’d make billions off of Christopher’s technology (extreme close-up!), and how maybe the babies dying was a blessing in disguise because they’d have tied her to the Ewings for life. She excused herself and had her freakout elsewhere.

That night, she went to see John Ross in the rain. He came outside sans umbrella to hear her say he was right -- her father would never love her as much as he hated the Ewings. John Ross scooped her up, and I really wanted to enjoy that Officer and a Gentleman moment longer. But we cut to Christopher and Elena fighting over him trying to get his mother declared dead after she saw texts from Ellis saying he had news about his mother. Am I horrible because I think it’s okay to declare the parent who left you when you were seven and doesn’t want to be found dead if it saves your family’s livelihood? I feel like the producers know how boring Christopher and Elena are compared to John Ross and Pamela -- which is why they had this confrontation set when Christopher had just come out of the shower and was wearing a towel.

We did get to cut back to John Ross and Pamela, in his bed, naked. She was trying not to cry. She said she wants to hurt her father as much as he’s hurt her. If that talk didn’t excite a tender John Ross, nothing will! Team Ewing! But wait: Ellis’ contact at the treasury department found an active Swiss bank account receiving deposits from Barnes Global that mirror the amounts being placed in the trust fund, going all the way back to 1988. The names are different, but it appears to be Pam’s signature on the accounts.

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