Dallas recap: Family Ties

The truth about the explosion comes out, and John Ross and Pamela go all in
Ep. 11 | Aired Apr 8, 2013

ISN'T IT ROMANTIC: John Ross (Josh Henderson) and Pamela (Julie Gonzalo) are back in business.


Christopher went to see Ellis, the assistant U.S. attorney, who told him his mother’s passport expired in 1998 and was never renewed. She hasn’t filed a tax return since 1989, and all the dividends owed to her as one-third owner of Barnes Global have been sitting in a trust account untouched since then. Ka-ching! Trading on Ellis’ guilt over his false assurances that Vicente would face justice in Venezuela, Christopher told him he needed to get them a death certificate for Pam yesterday.

At Southfork, Ann brought an obscenely large bouquet of flowers into Emma’s room, and conveniently stumbled upon a bottle of pills in one of her drawers. Ann confronted Emma about Sue Ellen saying Emma had seemed high at the bar when they ran into each other. But Emma said it was Sue Ellen who was drunk and trying to discredit her incase she told her mother about seeing Sue Ellen drinking. Emma told her mother to take the pills -- she doesn’t need them now that she’s not living with her father and grandmother. But the way she immediately searched her room for another bottle said differently.

While Elena brought Christopher lunch at Ewing Energies (why isn’t he telling her about his search for Pamela?), Bobby was at Southfork asking Sheriff Derrick if he’d tail Ryland’s trucks. I love how the sheriff makes house calls for the Ewings. Sue Ellen came and told Bobby she’d been to Ken Richards’ house and he was gone. Bobby suggested she ask Bum to track him down. Excellent idea. She stuck around so Ann could ask her if she’d been drinking that night she saw Emma. Sue Ellen said she wasn’t drunk, and Ann was doing Emma no favors believing her lies.

Speaking of Emma, she was in the barn playing Buckle Bunny (what they call bullrider groupies, for real) manipulating McCabe, a superhot ranch hand who rodeos, to get her some prescription pain pills. She was a little light on cash if she wanted 50 for $5 a pop, so she kissed him and bit his lip -- offering more “rough” stuff once he gets her the pills. I should've been horrified that she’d prostitute herself for pills, but 1.) I didn’t think she’d really do it and 2.) If she did do it, I thought, then she probably would have slept with him even without the exchange of services.

At Pamela’s place, she was looking at the TESHA report when Cliff came in, trying to sell some sob story about how he couldn’t come to the hospital because he thought he’d break up seeing her fight for her life. Please: Worst. Excuse. Ever. He handed over her annulment papers and told her the Ewings would pay for all of their sins. She said he was scaring her, the way he was talking about destroying them -- it was clear things were set in motion.

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