Dallas season premiere recap: The Devil's Son

John Ross sets an elaborate plan in motion to destroy Christopher and Elena, but J.R. is still king
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 28, 2013

WE'LL MISS YOU Let's enjoy Larry Hagman's delicious delivery and devilish grin a few more times.

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Things started to move even more quickly now. Bobby's sleuthing continued, and he went back to the stable and found out that Emma and her horse had arrived the previous week from London. Pamela Rebecca paid off the real Rebecca, who was counting on her helping to find Tommy, and told her to leave town now before Christopher put her in jail. While J.R. went back to the golf course to threaten the state's attorney with a caddy's photos of him taking advantage of an overly friendly hospitality tent at a charity tournament last year, Sue Ellen told Ann that she decided to let J.R. take her problems away instead of the bottle. "The first time in his damned life, J.R. was the lesser of two evils," she said. Sue Ellen's words of empowerment: They may have suffered bad men in their lives that drove them to numb the pain, but sometimes those men drive them to be stronger. That was a nice moment -- and enough for Ann to forgo her next shot.

Speaking of bad men, John Ross wasn't done making moves. He was angry seeing Bobby, Christopher, and Elena talking without him -- until they told him about Elena's deal being a way for them to all get what they want, including his trucks. Bobby and Christopher were going to give her some of their shares, and John Ross played it brilliantly: He suggested they all give her 5 percent to make the four of them equal partners. Christopher suspected something was up and asked a woman in his camp to befriend John Ross' naturally hot secretary and find out all she can. Meanwhile, John Ross went to see J.R. and told him about the four-way share in the company. Their new plan: Get Sue Ellen to call in the loan she gave Elena for the Henderson land, and when she can't come up with it, have her seize the land and Elena's main asset -- her shares in Ewing Energies. Then get Sue Ellen to sign them over to John Ross (who claims he'll give J.R. his piece). Having J.R. Ewing tell you that you have the devil in you must be awesome. But man, J.R. is right: Elena really did carve John Ross' heart out with a spoon and lick it clean. I just hope we have enough time to see J.R. fight back when he finds out John Ross is in bed with a Barnes. With Elena's shares, and part of Pamela Rebecca's, John Ross would control the company instead of Christopher and Bobby.

There were more bombshells to be dropped. Christopher received an envelope at work that Tommy had supposedly asked the center to delay delivery of for a month. Inside, there was a cell phone and a note saying that if anything should happen to Tommy, Christopher deserves to know the truth -- which he'd find out by listening to the voicemail. Later, we saw Christopher play it for the real Rebecca. It was Pamela Rebecca telling Tommy that she has powerful contacts that can make him disappear if he pushes her one more time. There was a second voicemail, and that one was from Rebecca, confirming that she'd been in on the con, too, and wanted her cash. Christopher told her they were going downtown so she could file a missing persons report and recant her testimony. Nice move, Frank. He gave an addict drugs to play delivery boy. He must have taken Tommy's cell phone when he got rid of the body.

Bobby got a call from his stable contact who told him that Harris owns that horse that Emma Brown has ridden for eight years. He went to see Harris, and instead, found the Ice Queen, Harris' mother, played by Judith Light. He saw photos of Harris with Emma when she was young, and he put it together: They'd taken her from Ann and raised her in secret in England. Bobby tried to tell Emma that she'd been stolen from her mother, and Emma said no, Harris had saved her from her mother. I hope the Ice Queen is as scary as she looks. I wish she could face off against J.R. at some point -- if anyone's gonna screw with Bobby, it should be him, not her, you know.

J.R. dropped by Sue Ellen's house to tell her the charges won't be filed, and she’d already heard. She said she was grateful and kissed him on the cheek. How about that surprised sigh Hagman gave? Rewind again. “And that’s all you’re getting," Sue Ellen told him. So great. She told J.R. that if he could behave himself, he was invited in for tea. In he went.

And I saved the best twist for last: John Ross went to see Rebecca that night, as requested, and after he quoted The Great Gatsby, they began negotiating. She offered 50 percent of whatever shares she gets in the divorce in exchange for Christopher's methane patent. He got her up to 70 percent -- and she kissed him. He pulled away and said he would have done it for 50 percent, then left. At first, I wished she hadn't reversed the elevator to bring him back up. I like that they hate each other and have that power struggle. But then, her waiting at the elevator door and him charging off to meet her was pretty hot and twisted. And you know what, sex is the ultimate power play, and sleeping with Christopher's cousin/baby mama is the biggest F U.


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