Dallas season premiere recap: The Devil's Son

John Ross sets an elaborate plan in motion to destroy Christopher and Elena, but J.R. is still king
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 28, 2013

WE'LL MISS YOU Let's enjoy Larry Hagman's delicious delivery and devilish grin a few more times.

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The second hour, which was the day of Christopher and Pamela Rebecca's hearing, was even better than the first because it included more J.R. sound bites. It was after he spotted John Ross looking out a window at Christopher and Elena kissing over Christopher's old crib that he told his son to mix up that emotional martini if he felt like punching something. The way he put his hand on John Ross' shoulder and grinned -- I not only teared up, I rewound.

While Bobby worried about Ann, who needed to be sedated after being rejected by her daughter, and promised to get to the bottom of what happened to Emma even though the police know nothing, J.R. and John Ross headed over to check on Sue Ellen. They showed up just as she was about to do a guest spot on Cougar Town and drink a glass of white wine (I know, the Cul-De-Sac Crew prefers red). J.R. was genuinely sweet in this scene: He told her that the best decision she ever made was to leave him. She started her foundation, she ran for governor, and she beat the bottle. But the foundation is now losing donors and the state's attorney wants to indict her on bribery charges, Sue Ellen said. “So add jail to my long list of post-J.R. accomplishments," she quipped. J.R. said he'd make sure that "twit" never presses charges, and Sue Ellen said she wouldn't learn her lesson if she tried to worm her way out of this. "That’s why you have me darlin’. I never learn my lesson," he said. Ah. Then, he proved he has a heart again: He told Sue Ellen that Ann was broken up over her daughter and could use some of her strength now. That was enough for Sue Ellen to pour out the wine.

Pamela Rebecca had a busy day. She interrupted Frank's meeting on a $250 million dollar casino to tell the execs that her father wanted the company to shift focus to clean energy development. Because it's just that easy. Then, she went to court and watched the real Rebecca lie for her. With Christopher unable to prove that Pamela Rebecca had kept conning him after her initial confession and their reconciliation, the judge said there was no fraud, so there'd be no annulment. Christopher told her he's ready for war.

Pamela Rebecca had texted John Ross to meet her later that night at her place to talk about the terms of their alliance, but he was waiting in her limo after the court appearance. This power struggle will be fun. He wants her to win shares in Ewing Energies and fork them over to him. “I’m forking the shares over to my father, and he’s gonna hang them over J.R.’s head like a mistletoe," she said. Best Rebecca line ever! John Ross said he is willing to funnel her the methane profits once he's in charge of the company, and that got her thinking... that he needed to get out of the car and come see her that night. Her terms.

J.R. and Bobby had equally unproductive conversations. J.R. went to see the state's attorney at the golf course (the man does know how to work secretaries, doesn't he?) and was told there were no skeletons to be dug up and used as blackmail. Please, we've seen The Good Wife. And Bobby tried to find out when and how Harris had discovered Emma, but Harris wasn't talking. Christopher, however, made out better with Elena: She told him about the deal we saw her cutting in the first hour with an oil man who has four fixed platforms in the Gulf that are sitting on no oil but a goldmine of methane. This turned Christopher's day around immediately, and they went off to have sex while I wondered how someone with only 10 percent control of the company could close a deal like that without Christopher, Bobby, or John Ross knowing.

Now back to Pamela Rebecca. She was right to worry that someone had seen John Ross in her limo. Frank -- who's tired of her disrespecting him in front of their colleagues and knows she's more concerned with avenging her broken heart than big business -- told her he knew who she'd shared a ride with. His timing was impeccable, it was right as J.R. came to see Rebecca. "I’m just here to look my enemy in the eye. And since your daddy is about two feet shorter than I am," J.R. told her, "I guess you’ll have to do." The Barneses bring out the best in J.R.'s snark. "You're not the first Pam to fox her way into the hen house," he warned her. "I’m one for one on flushing out Pamelas. And I plan on being two for two." He was on fire, even when he left and lobbed this at Frank: "How's it feel to be a poodle?" Could J.R. and Frank end up working together?

NEXT: Which is more exciting: A Judith Light guest spot or John Ross-Pamela Rebecca sex?

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