Dallas season premiere recap: The Devil's Son

John Ross sets an elaborate plan in motion to destroy Christopher and Elena, but J.R. is still king
Ep. 01 | Aired Jan 28, 2013

WE'LL MISS YOU Let's enjoy Larry Hagman's delicious delivery and devilish grin a few more times.

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At the start of these episodes, Christopher wasn't nearly worried enough about what John Ross might be cooking up. He was more concerned with prepping for the hearing that would determine whether he and "Rebecca" would be granted an annulment (so he owes her nothing and probably gets primary custody of the babies) or have to go through divorce proceedings (in which case, she could take part of his Ewing Energies shares and keep the kids). Christopher thought he had it in the bag when he secured Tommy's sister, the real Rebecca, to testify that "Rebecca" had stolen her identity to deceive him by agreeing to not press charges against Tommy, whose remains have not yet been found. In fact, he was so confident and relaxed now, he went home and had sex with Elena in the pool, where, I would argue, she sent mixed messages: One second, she's telling Christopher she'd like to earn a bigger stake in the company so she's a real partner to him outside of the bedroom, and the next, she's stealing his trunks. But back to Christopher. He wanted to keep his surprise witness a secret, only John Ross had him followed and found out that the real Rebecca had surfaced. Before we saw what he'd do with that information, we had to give Ann a story line and get "Rebecca" back.

Ann was busy looking at an allegedly "evocative" painting she'd commissioned for Bobby's new office when Harris appeared to tell her that he'd found their daughter, Emma. If she gives back the tape she made of him confessing to money laundering for Sue Ellen, he’ll tell her where she is. He gave her a picture of equestrian Emma, posing with a horse. Here's my thing: Yes, Harris gave her a 48-hour deadline, but Emma was wearing a medal in that photo. It seems like there should have been a way to use that to track down her current name and whereabouts without Harris, no? After Ann did some crying behind the wheel in her driveway (a real moment that somehow seemed over the top for this over-the-top show), she went inside to tell Bobby the truth: 22 years ago, she had a daughter. When Emma was 18 months old, they were at the state fair, and Ann turned away from Emma's stroller to get a soda. When she turned back, Emma was gone. Someone had taken her, and she was never found. She told Bobby about Harris’ deal, and they decided the first step was to get her DNA tested.

Rebecca, meanwhile, arrived on a Barnes Global helicopter and told Frank it was time to make an entrance. The next day, she summoned Christopher (accompanied by Bobby) to the Barnes building and told them her real identity: She's Pamela Rebecca Barnes. She said she changed her last name because of her father -- she knew what a burden "Barnes" would be to the Ewing family. She had an offer for Christopher: He could visit the babies every day, and she'd have 30 percent of his shares of Ewing Energies. No deal!

Christopher and Bobby called a family meeting that included J.R. and John Ross. Christopher was convinced this was about the methane, and told the family about his surprise witness to assure them that he wasn't losing any of his shares. J.R. said it was personal and suggested they hire roughnecks to take Cliff Barnes for a long ride. Ha! John Ross pretended to be a team player -- it's easy to believe he'd want to keep the business in the family. Christopher told him to give the orders to tighten security, re-encrypt the methane plans, and watermark everything while he went and got his car back from Ricky Rudd (who ended up saying he'd race it).

Ann got the DNA results back, and this Emma is her daughter. She knew Bobby would tell her not to negotiate with a terrorist (which he later did), so she went to see Sue Ellen and Harris on her own. Sue Ellen agreed to exchange the tape recorder for Ann's daughter's whereabouts. "If this isn’t my daughter’s address, Harris, believe me, I will send you to hell," Ann said. Yay, Ann! She asked Bobby to go with her, and they found Emma at a stable. Ann tearfully told Emma that she’s her mom. Emma said she was told her mother was coming and it was a mistake -- she never wanted to see her again. WHAT THE HELL? Ann was distraught, collapsing in Bobby's arms as they turned and walked away from the Ice Princess. We all knew Harris was in on this, right? Can J.R. have him taken for a long ride, too?

Sue Ellen also got screwed, though I'm assuming Harris didn't have anything to do with that since she'd be more useful to him in office. The day before the election, the medical examiner she bribed to declare the death of "Marta" a suicide when John Ross was accused of murder came clean and resigned. She lost the election.

John Ross finally went to Pamela Rebecca and pitched an alliance since they both want to destroy Christopher and Elena. He brought in the real Rebecca Sutter and said she could be theirs.

NEXT: Court time!

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