Dallas season finale recap: Revelations and Revenge

Truths come out, and so do the claws as the scene is set for a juicy second season
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 8, 2012

FATHER KNOWS BEST J.R. (Larry Hagman) has a new alliance with John Ross, and they'll be badder than ever


Time for a montage! As Sue Ellen gave an inspirational speech to the good people of Texas (can that phrase be outlawed), I almost thought she was going to be shot. She wasn't. We saw John Ross get excited hearing the elevator at Ewing Energies, only to turn and find Elena's mother there to return the ring. Ouch. Apparently Elena and Christopher stopped at the house to see her before heading to a hotel to have sex. And we saw Bobby and Ann looking out over Southfork feeling like it was home again. Silly fools! Rebecca, it turns out [drumroll], had been calling Frank for help. She's Cliff Barnes' daughter. She'd given up two years of her life to help him settle things with the Ewings and get peace. She'd lost focus, but she promised she wouldn't do it again after Christopher threatened to take the babies. You know she means business now because she was wearing all black. And a turtleneck! Cliff's giving her a second chance to get a piece of Ewing Energies so he can bring the family down. He told Frank to keep her safe, because there'll be a firestorm when the Ewings find out what's happening.

What was it Bobby said, if you're consumed with "eye for an eye," you both end up blind? The Ewings are definitely going to be at odds now. John Ross told J.R. he'll bring him into Ewing Energies IF he stops teaching him about oil and starts teaching him all the dirty tricks he'll need to get the company away from Christopher and Elena. If J.R. screws him, John Ross said, he'll never see a dime from Southfork oil and he'll be back in the home for good. "Now that's my son, from tip to tail," J.R. said proudly as Johnny Cash played. AWESOME. Reunited and it feels so evil!

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