Community recap: Of Trolls and Toilet Olives

A simple role of the dice splits space-time, resulting in severed limbs, evil goatees, and 'Roxanne.'
Ep. 04 | Aired Oct 13, 2011

TROBED This multiverse presents many variables, as Abed (Danny Pudi) and Britta (Gillian Jacobs) found out. But it has two constants: ascots and "Roxanne."

Lewis Jacobs/NBC

Timeline 7: The Universe May Be Chaotic But Stop Worrying and Start Dancing to “Roxanne” Timeline

In the final universe, Abed articulated what may be the definition of what it means to be human: that we live in an inherently random, chaotic universe, and it’s the responsibility of our consciousness to try to shape a more ordered existence within that. Hence, in this timeline, and only in this timeline, Abed grabbed the die before it could hit the ground. He also shared his revelation that since there are only six sides to the die, Jeff excused himself from ever having to get the pizza. Which meant that in Timeline 7, the group forced Jeff to get the pizza. And without that particular hair-gelled, high-foreheaded force for negativity in their midst, everybody was finally able to do what they really wanted to do: dance to “Roxanne.”

Aftermath of Timeline 5: The Dark, Goatee-Requisite Timeline.

So leave it to Community to offer a splash of bitters after that “Roxanne” hootenanny. We then got to see the aftermath of Pierce’s shooting and Trobed’s apartment catching fire. Shirley, once again drowning her sorrows in a bottle, toasted, “To Pierce. May he rest in Pierce.” (Could her liquid intoxicant be the same demon rum from the Balkans that contributed to their present hell?) Yes, the moist-wipes tycoon actually bit the bullet, literally and figuratively. Though death may have been the easiest release here. Jeff lost an arm in the fire—all the more difficult then to style his hair. Annie, fragile minded as she is, had to be committed once again. Britta added a streak of blue to her hair. And, craziest of all, Troy lost his larynx because he tried to eat the flaming troll when he saw that it had unleashed an inferno in his apartment. He should take comfort, though. The sound of his new artificial larynx should be a big hit. Just look at how well those Chipmunks movies do at the box office!

Abed realized that he should’ve caught the die. So since this is the darkest timeline, he proposed that they commit to being evil and don felt goatees until they can grow real ones, then find a way back to the prime timeline, kill their good selves and assume their lives. Should be simple, right?

Surrealism is alive and well, my friends. And it’s name is Community. How did you guys enjoy “Remedial Chaos Theory”? Is this not one of the best episodes this series has ever given us? Do you sometimes speculate about what you’re doing in an alternate universe? And are you also afraid of trolls?

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