Community recap: Law & Order

Dick Wolf's venerable procedural gets the full Greendale treatment, and one student...dies. Dung, dung!
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 26, 2012

Only one detective can claim the cold-open zinger.

Justin Lubin/NBC

But Jeff decided that finding out the truth was more important than merely winning. Men have to have a code, and Annie must surely understand that because women have a female equivalent, right? A codette, if you will? Well, there was an incongruity in Todd’s story. Why had the jar burned him? Jeff himself presented the final bit of testimony: their yams had been boiled to prevent them from growing. And to prove his case, he took Magnitude’s yam out of its jar and dropped it, showing that the mere force of impact caused it to shatter. Who’s saying “Pop! Pop!” now, Magnitude? Who’s saying “Pop! Pop!” now?

The only one that hadn’t been boiled? Vicki’s. But the moment suspicion turned to her, Fat Neil stood up and confessed. He boiled the yams so that Vicki would get an A and she wouldn’t have to retake biology in summer school, and they could finally have sex in his parents’ cabin. He did it for love!

With the study group having earned an A and Fat Neil’s status as “Keymaster” having been revoked, Annie, Jeff, and Prof. Kane were able to have a celebratory Scotch in the Dean’s office. But there was one last twist to be had, which ipyngo totally called during our chat: “The classic phone call during victory Scotch!” Yes, and the news that phone call brought was indeed a tragedy: Starburns’ car was rear-ended, causing the meth lab in his truck to explode. He’s dead.

RIP Alex. In death, we should use your real name.

But as we were nursing our sorrow we were given one last treat, a lullaby from the Dean to send Troy and Abed off to blissful slumber. Line of the Night #1: “Troy and Abed, off to Dreamland/Catching the train to Sleepytown/And when they wake up, the Dean will be here/Staring at you.” It’s so comforting, isn’t it?

Community fans, would you watch a rebooted Schoolhouse Rock sung by Jim Rash? Are you devastated by Starburns’ fiery demise? Where does this homage to Law & Order rank among Community’s greatest parodies? How much more excited would you be about The Amazing Spider-Man if Donald Glover were Peter Parker? And, most importantly: womenfolk, do you have a codette?

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