Community recap: Law & Order

Dick Wolf's venerable procedural gets the full Greendale treatment, and one student...dies. Dung, dung!
Ep. 17 | Aired Apr 26, 2012

Only one detective can claim the cold-open zinger.

Justin Lubin/NBC

Troy and Abed questioned first the last person who was supposed to have watered their yam: Pierce, who was running some kind of gambling racket based on very old student Harry Jefferson’s arm-wrestling ability. He told them that he wasn’t able to water it because he got there late. So he suggested they talk to Todd, one person who would have had motive to destroy their yam as an enemy of the study group.

Todd was working in the Greendale Library, where he applied the same military precision he learned in Iraq. But he did have a bandage covering a cut on his right hand. (Line of the Night #5, Courtesy of Abed Nadir: “Cut yourself on an extra sharp Oscar Wilde play?”) Maybe...he got that cut from the smashed glass of their yam’s jar. He said that he got it baking blueberry muffins. But, dammit, why not raisin? He produced a photo he took on his cell phone showing the biology lab upon his last visit there: the study group’s yam was safe and sound. Abed noted that the time on the clock was “Eight Plus Two Times Five.” Hey, he’s gifted in other ways. Britta took the photo for analysis, which basically just involved her making it “Old West” color. So she got cut off quickly with a “Dung, Dung.”

Next stop? Fat Neil, Greendale’s Keymaster, who would have had the authority to check out a bio lab key so somebody could access it after-hours. Sorry to see that Real Neil’s DJ career has come to an end, but he ably fit the bill of the Law & Order archivist who’s slovenly, disorganized and overwhelmed by work. Turns out he gave the key to Magnitude, who said, “Pop! Pop!”  Translation: someone stole his backpack in the library.

So Troy went undercover as a varsity letterman—Gordon McRae must have been an influence on his style here—announced to the library that he was going to the bathroom and left his backpack behind as he walked away with his hands clasped boyishly behind his back. Starburns peered around a bookcase, and grabbed the backpack. Gotcha! Trobed hauled him off for interrogation.

NEXT: Troy and Abed can’t determine which is the “bad cop” and which is the “good cop.”

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