Breaking Bad recap: An Old Yeller Type Situation

Walt tries to talk to Jesse, but Jesse starts working with Hank to bring his former mentor down
Ep. 12 | Aired Sep 1, 2013

A POOL GUY Walt really likes sitting outside next to a pool.

Ursula Coyote/AMC

A distraught Jesse screams that Walt can't keep getting away with this. Hank assures him he won't. "You really want to burn him down? Let's do it together." Jesse goes with Hank, who takes him home. (Incidentally, Hank and Jesse drive away right as Walt pulls up -- what we saw at the beginning of the hour.)

Attempting to get Marie to leave for the weekend, Hank packs her suitcases. When she finds out why -- Hank is harboring Pinkman because he can't put him in the system or Walt will find out -- she is surprisingly okay with it, as long as it is bad for Walt. The Lambert sisters are definitely cut from the same cloth. She offers to heat up some food, and notes that the phone's ringing. It's Jesse's, and Hank listens to Walt's message from before., leading Hank to hatch a plan.

Hank brings Gomez over, and they decide to tape Jesse's confession. "It's just my word against his word kind of stuff. I don't really have proof or anything," Jesse says. "You're never going to catch him with a camcorder." "We're going to catch him, we're just going to do this first," Hank says. "Just tell us your story, okay? Start from the beginning." "I first met Mr. White, Walter White, in junior year chemistry. He was my teacher," Jesse spits out.

After Jesse finishes his story off-camera, Hank takes Gomez out onto the porch. Gomez believes Jesse, but reiterates what Pinkman says. There's no physical evidence, what are they supposed to do? Hank wants to send Jesse to meet Walt at the plaza, with a wire. Jesse balks at the idea -- Walt will just kill him. Hank plays on Jesse's insecurities, telling Jesse Walt cares for him. Jesse is not moved. Hank says he and Gomez will be there to protect him. "You two guys are just guys. Mr. White, he's the devil. He's smarter than you, he's luckier than you. Whatever is supposed to happen, the exact opposite is going to happen," Jesse yells. Hank says they are going with his plan.

When Jesse leaves the room, Gomez wonders if Jesse is right? What if Walter just kills him? Hank doesn't care. "Then, we will get it all on tape." Poor Jesse. It looks like Walter is the only one who cares about him.

Of course Jesse is right to go after Walt -- Walt certainly deserves no sympathy. But Jesse's actions in this instance are certainly misguided, even though the last bit of hope for a truce between Jesse and Walt vanished in "Confessions."

Other things of note:

Marie is wearing black again -- she's lost her lust for purple.

If Gale was the "problem dog" and Jesse is the "rabid dog," what kind of dog is Walt?

The pool scene in the photo is from the hotel, when Walt comforts his son. But just when is Walt Jr. going to find out about his father? Besides Jane and how the show itself ends, it's one of the last big reveals that has yet to come.

Speaking of Jane, it would be a tragedy if Jesse realizes Walt let her die in a similar way that he realized Walt poisoned Brock.

NECESSARY UPDATE: Along with how Jesse figured out that Walt poisoned Brock, both Hank's magical appearance at the White house just as Jesse was about to burn it down and the mistaken identity of the bald dude felt forced and trite. Bad does a disservice to its actors -- who went a long way to make this derivative episode watchable -- and its audience when plot points just work themselves out so easily.

Did anyone originally think the bald dude looked a little like Mike? I thought Jesse -- who is probably back on coke -- was hallucinating. The second time the guy was shown, though, proved that wasn't the case.

Finally, Jesse is going to go after Walt's family, right? That's where Walt "really lives."

With only four episodes of Breaking Bad left, are you worried that this episode might throw the entire series off track? Hopefully it's just a blip, and none of us rabid fans will have to be put down like Old Yeller when it ends.

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