Breaking Bad recap: He Didn't Start The Fire... Yet

Walt gets the upper hand on Hank; Jesse makes a major discovery
Ep. 11 | Aired Aug 25, 2013

WILL HE STAY OR WILL HE GO? While waiting for the vacuum man to pick him up and deliver him to his new life, Jesse comes to an important realization.

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In "Blood Money," we saw Walt answer a call while he was in chemo, presumably from Saul, and presumably right after Jesse left his office with the instructions to give away his $5 million dollars to Drew Sharp's parents and Kaylee Ehrmantraut. Walt said "calm down," but many pointed out that Saul's demeanor in that episode did not warrant Walt's words. Fast-forward to "Confessions," when a hysterical Saul phones someone we assume is Walt -- at a time when we know Walt is in chemo. Was this the conversation Walt had in the premiere? Walt is wearing the same clothes in "Blood Money" during chemo that he wears in "Confessions." Breaking Bad regularly shifts timelines on us, yet this would be trickier than usual.

But back to the action. A distracted Skyler works the front desk of the car wash, and Walt drives up outside. He composes himself, walks into the car wash, and as calmly as possible, grabs the gun he stored in the Coke machine. Skyler, who just gave a customer a five-dollar bill instead of a one, doesn't notice her husband's odd behavior. He leaves again, parroting an excuse about a prescription from the doctor.

The next shot shows Saul's car pulling up to Walt's house, running over the mailbox. (That's the second mailbox someone has run over this half-season.) Jesse jumps out of the car, grabs a can of gasoline from the trunk, breaks down Walt's door, and starts to angrily spread the gas all over the Whites' house, grunting like a maniac. The episode ends.

Other things of note:

The episode begins with Todd and his uncle Jack, and Jack's associate Kenny stopping at a diner after their meth lab coup. Before he goes into the diner, Todd calls Mr. White to let him know there's been a change in the business. At the table, Todd then recounts the great train robbery to his captive audience. Jack asks his nephew if he's ready to run his own lab and make some money. Todd says he is. The three of them drive off and enter New Mexico. Timing-wise, it's unclear when this happened. While Walt was dealing with Hank and Jesse, did he know about Todd and his uncle Jack's killing spree? Although he claims to be out of the business, this is something that would seemingly be problematic for Walt. And, in this scene, Todd is wearing a very familiar green jacket -- a similar one has been worn by both Jesse and Walt.

Speaking of clothes, Jesse has reverted to his Pac Sun skater wardrobe we haven't seen since the early episodes.

Finally, Hank really is defeated. Gomez walks into his office, and asks why Hank put two agents on Saul Goodman's office to watch out for Pinkman. Gomez chastises his boss, warning him that Jesse could sue, so Hank has Gomez to pull the tail without explaining anything to his friend and co-worker. Hank then tells his secretary he's going out for a while, and she reminds him of a meeting, which he has her reschedule.

Breaking Bad keeps upping the stakes each week and with five episodes left, it's hard to fathom how this will end.

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