Breaking Bad recap: We Are Family

As Walt tries to hide the evidence of his meth empire, Hank hopes Skyler will talk, and Jesse gets taken into custody
Ep. 10 | Aired Aug 18, 2013

METH-OD MAN Walt knows he needs to take care of business by burying his money.


In Hank and Marie's final scene, Marie pushes Hank to go into the office and tell everyone what he knows. She wants the whole DEA on the case.

"What are you, Lone Wolf McQuade?" she asks, when he says he is not telling anyone at work. (Lone Wolf McQuade -- starring Chuck Norris -- follows a Texas Ranger who goes after a drug kingpin by himself. Basically, yes, this is exactly who Hank is.)

Marie's McQuade crack recalls Skyler's insistence that Walt go to the police after Gale's death, thinking they are all in danger, prompting the "I am the one who knocks" speech. Marie doesn't know how driven her husband is to catching Walt on his own.

And then we get the reason Hank plans to work alone. "Look, the day I go in with this, it's the last day of my career, Marie. I'm going to have to walk in there, look those people in the eye and admit that the person I've been chasing the past years is my own brother-in-law. It's over for me. Ten seconds after I tell this story, I'm a civilian. Then how can we help Skyler when she comes to her senses? When I go in there, I'm bringing proof. Not suspicion. I can be the man who caught him, at least."

In Hank's eyes, there seems to be some hope for Skyler, but it's hard to tell whether Marie believes the same thing. (Side note: Are either of them going to address the fact that Walt's meth money paid for Hank's rehab?)

Hank returns to work, but says nothing about the Walt situation -- yet. Gomez does give him an interesting piece of information, though. More on that later.

Meanwhile, Walt goes to Saul to take care of the only hard evidence that could link the car wash owner to his Heisenberg alter-ego -- the money. Saul's henchmen Huell and Kuby fetch Walt's millions from their respective storage units, where Huell convinces Kuby to lie down on the pile of cash.

"Mexico, all's I'm saying," Huell chuckles to his partner. "The guy hit 10 guys in jail within a two-minute window -- all's I'm saying," Kuby replies. Walt certainly does have people afraid of him.

Back in Saul's office, the lawyer tries to reach Jesse, and keeps Walt from answering Skyler's call. Saul then suggests Walt take care of the Hank problem.

"Have you ever considered sending him on a trip to Belize?" Saul asks. "Belize?" Walt says. "Belize, where Mike went to," Saul answers.

Walt then lays down his law. "Hank is family, do you understand that?" Walt has no problem blowing up nursing homes, poisoning innocent children, mowing down drug dealers in the street. But killing a family member who wants to put him in jail? That's crazy talk. It's honestly weird that Walt won't even consider it, which is why I give little credence to the theory that he'll eventually kill Skyler. (Unless that's an accident.) If he won't off Hank, he certainly will not murder the mother of his offspring.

NEXT: It's all about the money, money, money

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