The Blacklist season finale recap: One Final Bloodbath

One major character's dead, two are critically injured -- but Liz and Red finally find out who Berlin is
Ep. 22 | Aired May 12, 2014

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Ressler and Keen arrive at the hospital to question the "guard," who is played by Peter Stormare. At this point, it becomes pretty clear that he's actually Berlin. Peter Stormare should do crime fiction audiobooks. His husky voice is entrancing, alternating between a harsh whisper and a rumbling growl. He recounts the story of Berlin. He was a Russian Army officer turned KGB bigwhig who sent many a man to Siberia during the Cold War. But he had a daughter who fell in love with a dissident, so she was thrown in jail. Berlin helped her escape, and, as punishment, the Kremlin sent him to the Gulag in Siberia to live among his enemies. He prayed every night that his daughter was safe, but one day he got a package with a pocket watch he had given her. It had her picture inside. Then he got a box with her severed ear, and her finger, and her eye and so on. He used one of her bones as a knife to break out of his cell and kill every man in the Gulag. So now he's on a vengeance mission to murder the man responsible for his daughter's death. Clearly, he thinks this is Reddington. (Could Reddington be the dissident she was in love with?)

Meanwhile, Agent Cooper and Scary Gary are having a pow-wow at the waterfront. Gary is sporting his shiner from earlier. Despite being royally annoyed with everyone and everything, Gary offers to let Reddington resume his deal of immunity for information, if Keen will stick around too. Cooper is confused and, frankly, a bit put out by all this flip-flopping. (Why? Reddington is obviously the only asset in this task force. It's not hard to believe the FBI sees that.) "I don't want Red. People do," Gary says. "People? What people?" Cooper calls after him. He gets back into his car where he's garotted from the backseat by the same hulk who knifed Malik. Nearby, the eyebrow-less Russian crosses Cooper's name off his hit list.

The Feds pick up the hulk and Ressler gets to question him. Ressler wants answers from this scary cat who is not properly afraid of his clean-cut good looks. "I used to be a real boy scout," Ressler says. "I followed all the rules. Then my fiance is murdered right in front of me, but the only way I could get the killer was to break the rules. And I realized that sometimes that's okay. Like when some greasy Russian starts murdering my friends." He uses his coat sleeve to choke the Russian into talking. Yes, Sexy Ressly! The hulk gives up the eyebrow-less man as Berlin. Which is a ruse, though our heroes don't know that. Red passes this info along to Alan Alda, who sets about tracking this guy down.

Keen visits Cooper at the hospital and gets the news that he probably won't make it through the night. She and Red are sitting in the back of the car outside the hospita,l and she tearfully asks Red again what Sam has to do with all this. "The way Sam tells it, an old friend showed up at his house one night saying he had to leave town because he was in danger and that he needed someone to care for a little girl, that her father had died that night in a fire," Red says. "So Sam raised her as his own, sheltering her from the truth about his biological father." Liz presses him again for the truth. "The only memory I have of my real father is from the night of the fire," she says. "I remember him pulling me out of the fire, saving me." Red insists knowing her father's identity would put her in grave danger. "I loved Sam. Of all the difficult things I have done, taking Sam's life was the most difficult," he says, his voice breaking. "And I did that to protect you, so I'm certainly not going to tell you now." At this moment, he gets the eyebrow-less man's address from Alan, so he flies off to the compound. Guns blazing, he bears down on anyone standing in his way, as the silencer muffles the shots into a high-pitched whine.

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