The Blacklist season finale recap: One Final Bloodbath

One major character's dead, two are critically injured -- but Liz and Red finally find out who Berlin is
Ep. 22 | Aired May 12, 2014

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Everyone always comes crawling back to Reddington when they need intelligence; Alan Fitch is no different. Luckily, smug looks good on Red. "If you had accepted my offer of an alliance, neither of us would find ourselves in this position now: You managing a massive intelligence failure and national news spectacle, and me with this enchanting view." So Alan agrees to give Red a "transfer," a.k.a. a means for him to escape "by accident" without alerting the rest of his Alliance cohort. "Everyone on the task force is now a target," he tells Red as a last warning. Guess who's waiting in the car during the transfer? Scary Gary. Red laughs. "Of course it would have to be you -- because Lady Luck just adores me that much." Ohh, Gary is so bitter. "Two shots to the jaw is all you get, and make it count. Because if I'm not KO'd, I'm going to put a bullet in your temple," Gary says. Rawr. One shot is all Red needs. He clocks Gary and then strangles the driver, who crashes the car. But Reddington spirits away.

Red doesn't waste a minute calling Liz to let her know that everyone on the task force is in danger. But Malik and Ressler are at a Russian nightclub trying to track down any mobsters who can lead them to Berlin. Malik and Ressler separate; he takes the VIP lounge, and she cases the dance floor. Malik sees a hulking mobster in a suit watching her, and follows him down a dark hallway. He doubles back and comes up behind her to slit her throat with a knife in a very '80s horror movie sort of way. She clutches her neck, blood seeping between her fingers, and falls to the floor dead. Poor Malik. She was one of the only smart agents in that whole place -- and apparently she had two kids, ages 5 and 8.

Keen goes to tell Reddington that Malik is dead, and asks him why they are being targeted. Red tells her that the work they've done has forced Berlin out of the shadows, so he can't allow the FBI to continue. "I'm afraid just by association I've made you all targets," he says. "It was Tom," Liz says. "If he has the names of the agents in the task force, he must have gotten them from Tom." Yes, Liz. I'm trying very hard not to be surprised when you say something clever. Liz's adoptive father, Sam, was also listed as a target, and Keen wants to know why. Red assures her that his only connection to this was as her father. She seems unconvinced. Can't blame her; Red lies easily. But alluding to a larger problem than Berlin, Red says that they need to figure out who was behind the prison plane. That person wanted Berlin and the rest of the prisoners, and Red wants to know why. Another potential criminal for season 2?

Ressler managed to wrestle a Russian with a recognizable hand tattoo to the ground in the nightclub while Malik was being murdered, so he hauls him in for questioning. (Shout out: Ressler mocking the Russian's accent. "I'll tell you how things are done in the U.S.A.") The man turns out to be a Russian fugitive who was being brought back by his own country. They determine that they need the Russian Ambassador to cough up the plane's manifest, so they send Reddington to "persuade" him.

Persuasion looks a lot like eating peaches with the Ambassador's Yorkie puppy. "I rarely enter someone's home for the first time without bringing a gift, and there's a wonderful little produce stand around the corner," Red says, gesturing with this sharp knife he's using to spear peach slices into his mouth. (Shout out: Dembe silently ninjas the cellphone out of the Russian Ambassador's hand when he threatens to call the cops.) As he's talking, the little Yorkie whines. "If you hurt him…" the Russian says. "Oh, no, no, no. I would never harm a dog," Red laughs, before throwing the blade across the table where it sinks into the Ambassador's thigh. So we get the manifest.

Using the manifest, the Feds can account for all but four prisoners. One of these must be Berlin. Their best lead is the one-handed guard who is recovering from surgery. As Ressler and Keen charge off to question him, Cooper tosses Liz an evidence bag. It has the bracelet that the little girl in the pilot gave her. "I thought it might remind you of all the good we've done," Cooper says. Thanks, Coop-a-loop, you sentimental man.

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