The Blacklist recap: You're A Monster

The Kingmaker stages politically-minded deaths, causing trouble for Reddington, while Liz discovers the truth about her father's end
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 28, 2014

Nicole Rivelli/NBC

It gets worse. Aram has done some more digging on Liz’s father’s passing, and he discovered that the man's time of death actually matches the time that Reddington was in the room. The truth rears its ugly head. Liz storms into Reddington’s house, where he’s playing Gin Rummy with Dembe. Watching Liz’s faith in Red crumble is even more heart wrenching then watching her beg Tom to say he loved her. Spader is excellent. His face carries so many emotions: pain, pride, frustration, resignation. And Boone delivers her side with bottled fragility and wild-eyed anger. She accuses Red of killing Sam to prevent him from telling her something (which is true).

"I’ve been friends with Sam all of your and most of my life. Every part of his body was in pain," Red responds. "He wanted to die. He wasn’t thinking clearly. If he were, he would never have chosen to tell you any of it. It wasn’t his choice to make."

"I’m done. We’re done. This ends right now," she says quietly. As she walks away, she looks over her shoulder one more time. "You’re a monster.”

I’m on Team Red, but I have to agree with Lizzie. He did just justify killing one of his oldest friends, and her father (biological or otherwise), in order to silence him. There’s no recourse from that. Liz has a right to swear off Red. My heart broke for her when she went back to her shattered home, and gently pulled off the wedding ring she’s still been wearing this whole time, clearly holding onto the hope that her life might be salvaged. If she was making choices for her own health and happiness, she’d move to Santa Barbara and buy a ranch, maybe pick up some police work on the side or run a popsicle stand. Get a real boyfriend, maybe have a real kid and make real friends and never look back at this weird fake life that she’s been living. SAVE YOURSELF, KEEN.

She takes the second best course of action: a late night knock on Ressler’s door. "I had nowhere else to go," she says, gazing at him out of the corner of her eye. He just opens the door wider, so she can step inside. Keaton Henson croons, "Sweetheart, what have you done to us? I turned my back and you turned to dust. What have you done to our love?"

And fade to black. NO. NO. I want to see what happens!! They’d better show us next week, when we'll also find out who Berlin is and how the Blacklist is "all connected." See you then!

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