The Blacklist recap: You're A Monster

The Kingmaker stages politically-minded deaths, causing trouble for Reddington, while Liz discovers the truth about her father's end
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 28, 2014

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We see Fitch at the Alliance meeting (sounds like a gender equality group). He relays Reddington’s message to the group, which consists of about 12 members of various nationalities. They are unmoved to help Reddington; he's a thorn in their side they'd like eliminated anyway. Fitch argues in favor of helping Red, and warns them about his contingency plan with the intel. Still, they agree to take their chances and hope Red is bluffing. (Mistake.)

The Post Office has tracked one of the Kingmaker’s phone calls to a random payphone, but Red knows this isn’t random -- the phone happens to be outside a favorite speakeasy. ("Ahh! Smells like decadence and vice." I’m going to start saying that whenever I walk into my bedroom.) Red whisks Liz inside, insisting she smoke a cigar and "wave it around like someone who wants to be here." Smoking cigars at a boys club seems like the perfect opportunity to pounce on Red, so Liz asks about his visit to her father’s deathbed. He reveals nothing of use: they were friends, and he was there to say goodbye. The speakeasy’s proprietor drifts by, cutting the tension. He and Red reminisce over some "tiny woman" named Mei Li who "could do things on her head that you wouldn’t believe." Liz’s face says, "Please don’t elaborate." The proprietor mentions that The Kingmaker was complaining about the thermostat at the Brixton Hotel. How very careless of him.

When Keen and Ressler break into this hotel room, they finally strike gold. It’s full of high tech surveillance equipment, which is pointed at the house of a U.S. senator…a senator in Congressman Patrick’s district. Aha! The Kingmaker plans to off the senator and replace him with Patrick. As the Feds are making this connection, the murder is already underway. The senator and his wife are awoken by their house alarm. The senator loads the gun at his nightstand (think he's a Republican?) and tells his wife to lock herself in the bathroom. As he checks the house, the Kingmaker is waiting for him -- and, in a typical villain’s monologue, confirms everything about his plans. He shoots the old man, right as Ressler and Keen get to the property. They run inside when they hear the gunshot and split up to case the place. Keen gets jumped by King and he viciously chokes her out, nearly killing her, but Ressler puts a bullet in his head. (Sex-y Ress-ly.)

Later, in yet another mahogany paneled room, Fitch has to deliver Reddington the bad news: The Alliance will not help him. Red is livid. "I’m going to win this war. This enemy of mine will lose, even with you and your shortsighted brethren watching safely from a distant hill. Why? Because as bad as you think I am, as far as you think I’m willing to go to protect that which I hold most dear -- you can’t fathom how deep that well of mine truly goes." Tell him, Red! But Red also seems worried. He’s in boiling water, and his one hope is getting the Kingmaker to reveal his employer. That's when Keen calls to report the Kingmaker is dead, and Red shatters his glass of bourbon in the fireplace. Not a good sign; Red never loses his cool like that.

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