The Blacklist recap: You're A Monster

The Kingmaker stages politically-minded deaths, causing trouble for Reddington, while Liz discovers the truth about her father's end
Ep. 20 | Aired Apr 28, 2014

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As usual, Reddington is having better luck. Alan Alda is back as Alan Fitch! Alda and Spader play off each other brilliantly. Hopefully Alda’s character sticks around for a while. Things are tense between Red and his frenemy, so he covers all his persuasion bases -- threatening, cajoling and entreating Fitch to help fight off the elusive nemesis who hired the Kingmaker. Red insists this a mutual enemy, and, more importantly, that his intel on the Alliance would find its way to the public were he to die. The two men glare coldly at each other across the table. An unspoken agreement is made: Fitch will take Red’s plea back to the Alliance.

We see the Congressman’s hit-and-run come to fruition. A head-on collision with a truck drives his car off a bridge, but he has his young daughter and wife in the car with him. The wife doesn’t make it. When the news breaks, Red can smell the rat and tells Keen this is the Kingmaker’s handiwork. So the Feds roundtable to discuss possibilities. Everyone is skeptical that this upstanding man would jeopardize his own wife and child in order to fake a car accident. Aram reads aloud a quote from a newspaper article: "My wife is my everything, my moral center. She makes me a better man." That strikes a chord in Liz: "Sorry, husbands lie to their wives all the time. I have no problem believing this man is capable of just about anything." Over-identify much? Her sharp reply doesn’t go unnoticed by Ressler, who always seems to register her emotional distress. (Soulmates??)

Aram has dug up videotapes from the hospital where Keen’s dad died. She can confirm that Red was in fact there. We know that he was because we were also there. Sure enough, the photos are corroborated by the video -- but she sees him leaving at 4:30 p.m., while the doctors said that Liz's father died at 5:30 p.m. Hmmm.

Ressler rallies Liz for a look at the scene of the Congressman’s car accident. But he doesn’t really want to look for tire treads -- he wants to comfort Keen. "Are you and Tom having problems?" he asks her gently. After much self-editing, she finally admits "we had a fight, and he left." Ressler intends his reply to be consoling, but knowing Tom it ends up foreboding: "It’s not over, you know that. He’ll be back." Oh you sweet, strawberry blond jellybean of a man! I could eat you up.

The two agents remember their Federal duties and track down Congressman Patrick for questioning. Even though we already know he's guilty, they can’t nail him right then, so the Feds follow up on a lead for the driver who crashed into Patrick. We see that guy before they do -- and he’s talking to The Kingmaker. King’s not pleased because the driver went off-script and fled the scene in horror when he realized that the Congressman had his wife and child in the car. This ends with the poor driver’s suicide staged by TKM.

NEXT: Will the Alliance agree to help Red?

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