The Blacklist recap: A Round of Sudden Death

Tom and Liz renew their wedding vows, but there is nothing romantic about this marriage of spy convenience. Meanwhile, a dying man plots murder-suicide.
Ep. 18 | Aired Mar 31, 2014

Craig Blankenhorn/NBC

Once Liz has Craig's info, she hunts him down at his hotel and whips out some awesome Krav Maga moves, smashing the door into his face when he opens it and then hooking him with a nasty elbow in the nose. Baller. Liz, I love it when you take charge! More of this please. She cuffs his lying mug to the bathroom sink after he plays "mum's the word" with her, then invites Red and Dembe to take over when she has to go meet the Post Office folks. "Dembe, get me the hacksaw. It looks like we'll have to take him out of here in pieces," says Red, laughing like these torture rendezvous are all such jolly good fun.

Instead of chopping him up, they treat Craig to a visit to a modern art museum and as Red waxes poetic about the installation. Dembe casually walks by with Craig's elderly mother in a wheelchair -- a silent threat that does the trick.

The Feds have got a lead on Mr. IV bag, and Lizzie and Ressler rush to stop his attack before he shoots a politician and becomes the next murderer/victim. Disaster averted. They stop him in time. But when Liz heads back to check on Reddington's progress with the information gathering, she finds him watching The Three Stooges with Dembe. (Sounds like a great time.)

Liz is exasperated, but Red said he was waiting for her so they could hear his answers together. There were very few answers to hear. Craig insisted that he barely knows Tom, but reveals two things: 1) There's a woman named Nicky whom Tom talks about a lot, and 2) Tom has a real brother in Chicago. Unfortunately, Tom calls and Craig has to answer, so that interrupts the progress. But Tom let's a line slip about Berlin, so now Reddington knows about that.

But before they can question him further, Craig throws himself out the hotel window. I did not see that coming. While everyone's back is turned, he just disappears in a spray of glass. Red's attitude is, "Welp, that was that." Reddington's complete lack of unnecessary emotion is so admirable. (Side note: I know he was a bad guy, but I really liked Craig. I wish they had used his character for at least a small story arc.)

To wrap up the plot of the episode, Milton himself pulls a gun on a Dr. Osborne and we learn that Mushroom was taken advantage of by this doctor who was testing dangerous drugs for Type 2 Diabetes on unsuspecting patients. So that's why the sad Mushroom Man is dying a slow and agonizing death. Milton is wearing a bomb vest that he plans to detonate killing himself and the doctor in a cemetery, but the Feds get there before he can. Sexy Ressly saves the day (he still has a bit of a death wish after his girlfriend's murder) by arresting Dr. Osborne in front of Milton, so that Milt knows justice is being served. As he's frog-walking Ozzy back to the vehicles, Milton blows himself up.

Liz and Red finish drawing up the white board of clues surrounding Tom. She draws arrows to Jolene, to Craig, to Gina Zanetakos, to the key from under the lamp, and to a burned piece of paper that says Berlin. Probably from the bombing of Milton Bobbit, which would explain why Reddington was so interested in him. Or maybe from the trash can fire that Tom lit in his warehouse to burn his secret files.

At the end of the episode, Red is in Cooper's office reading Milton's client list. "So that's what you really wanted?" Cooper asks him accusingly. To that, Red just smiles gleefully. To everything, Red just smiles gleefully.

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