Big Brother recap: For my fallen (big) brothers

Caleb wins a brutal HOH competition and takes command and respect of the game. Kind of.
Ep. 30 | Aired Aug 31, 2014

NO LAUGHING MATTER Giggle all you want Christine, but how funny is it going to be on Thursday night if you're the one evicted? ZING.


Don't know if you know this or not, but Frankie is actually Ariana Grande's brother and has been on Broadway before. Oh, wait—that's pretty much all we know about Frankie, so it would make sense he would be extra compulsive about microphones around the house and who's not wearing one then. Through this theory, he concludes Nicole is talking pointless game strategy somewhere. Also through this theory, we can conclude that Frankie needs to chill out a little bit, can I get a holla? "But then why did Christine just defend Nicole? Why are you giving Nicole special treatment? WHY AREN'T I AS FAMOUS AS MY SISTER?" Frankie also probably said in his head.

Things got a little serious and respectful when Caleb showed everyone his HOH room. In addition to standard pictures of family (finally an HOH room where he can't inappropriately hit on someone's sister), Caleb's possessions also included a hat he wore in combat, an American flag from his unit in Baghdad, and his infantry blue cord that his father had presented him. Oh wow, Caleb was willing to die for us at one point in his life and now he is here competing in this game like the rest of us. #perspective #holla

With all the power and respect now this week, Caleb listened to Nicole's plea for one last chance in this game, but since it would actually be like her fifth last chance, he wasn't really listening. Before picking nominations for the week, Caleb also had to pick two have-nots who would enjoy America's choice of some snot roast, which looks just as bad as it sounds. Money man Derrick (holla back y'all!) volunteered himself, but duh, no one else did so Nicole was picked and immediately started to cry about. "America's gonna think I'm a baby." We already do Nicole; we already do.

With actual nomination time arriving shortly, The Bomb Squad seemed set on sending Nicole and Christine on the block, but Caleb was a little nervous because he can't really read Christine and he's a really good reader of people. Cody calms him down with a quick ego stroke ("She's intimated by big, good-looking guys") but then flips his attention on Frankie, a.k.a. Paranoid Grande. Christine thinks this week's choices are obvious cause there are two people not in her alliance (Nicole and Victoria) and she assumes those will be the ones nominated. Um, have you been paying attention at all this summer? Why would you assume something like that? This squad has come apart and been put back together more times than the ladies of The View. Has Julie Chen and The Talk taught you nothing Christine? Well, that may not be the best example (ask Leah Remini why).

Nicole is pretty sure she's being nominated, Christine thinks it's Victoria, and Cody still hopes to see Frankie up there. But the cowboy followed his original orders and nominated Nicole and Christine together. In his reasoning, Caleb seemed pretty set on keeping Christine in the game and getting rid of Nicole again, but Derrick out of nowhere begins scheming (or at least wants you to think he's scheming) for Nicole to be saved once again and get rid of Christine, another member of his alliance. Anyone else a holla lot confused?

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