Big Brother recap: Bomb Squad or Time Bomb?

The first Battle of the Block competition takes place, but it's the paranoia inside the house that is the real war.
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 29, 2014

THE ODD COUPLE Frankie and Caleb may not have much in common, but inexplicably they both think The Bomb Squad is a good idea.

CUT TO: At 4:30 the next morning, Devin clearly hasn’t slept and has been alone with his thoughts for way too long. He decided to act like a kid who really wants something and just decides to do it and then ask permission later. He recruits Christine and Amber, telling them everything about the Bomb Squad and inviting them to be full members of the alliance. "Why do you think you can trust me? I really appreciate it, but you probably shouldn't," Christine explains with a grin to the camera, confirming that her real ally is best bud Nicole.

Who’s emotionally reckless now, Devin? All of the guys are guilty of overplaying their hands a bit so early in the game, but Devin really takes the cake for telling the women all about the alliance, particularly without clearing it with any other Bomb Squad members first. After the women agree to become part of the group, he then woke up Caleb to tell him after the fact that the girls are in. "They know," Devin explains, neglecting to finish that sentence with "because I rounded them up and told them everything." Needless to say, the guys don't take too well to Devin's announcement, and they start to have some doubts about Devin as an alliance member—even more so the next day when his paranoia reaches a 10 and he wonders what, exactly, Donny, of all people, is really up to.

Oh, Donny. Donny seems poised to be an eternal pawn, but he's got some tricks buried in his long beard, not least of which is a continuation of last week's plan to joke his way into people's hearts. (Guys, I laughed at his pasta-tute line. Send help.) Yoga-performing Donny laughing it up with a whole gang of women proved too much for Devin, who immediately told the Bomb Squad that he suspected Donny wasn’t even really a school groundskeeper. The fact that he said this to Derrick, who is secretly a police officer and lying about his job, made it all the better.

Walking hashtag Frankie succinctly summed up the central thoughts of Devin’s paranoia: "This bearded duck hunter is really James Bond." Cody, for his part, accurately saw this all spinning out of control, fast. "The Bomb Squad is going to blow up in our faces!" Ding ding ding!

Before the Bomb Squad goes the way of the Moving Company, however, it was time for the first Battle of the Block. Each HoH’s two nominees would be on teams against one another. The winning team was safe from eviction for the full week (so, they can't be a veto replacement, correct? Twist!), and the person who put them up would lose HoH status. Last night’s game was called The Pour-in Twenties (Puns!) and was set up like a 1920s jazz club. The contestants had to get on swings and coordinate transporting alcohol from their glasses into a larger glass on the other side of the room.

Poor Paola. She’s talked such big game about ego and strategy since her first moment in the house, who would have thought she’d be taken down by a swing? She shared that she hasn’t sat on a swing since she was 6, but, umm, isn’t that the kind of activity you don’t forget how to do? The thing that most interests me about this new Battle of the Block competition is that it's team-based. I’m curious to see as the weeks go on if people will start to throw this competition if they’re convinced they’re a pawn in order to screw over their teammate, who might be the real target for going home.

For now, competition-throwing isn’t needed, because Paola and Donny were doing a pretty poor version of getting wine into the glass themselves, handing Victoria and Brittany victory. That means Victoria and Brittany are off the block, and Caleb remains HoH. Will Devin’s paranoia get him booted as soon as this week? Does Zach have any more hashtag-perfect catchphrases at the ready (#ZachAttack)? Will there eventually be an episode that is just Donny performing stand up? We can only hope.

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