Big Brother recap: Bomb Squad or Time Bomb?

The first Battle of the Block competition takes place, but it's the paranoia inside the house that is the real war.
Ep. 03 | Aired Jun 29, 2014

THE ODD COUPLE Frankie and Caleb may not have much in common, but inexplicably they both think The Bomb Squad is a good idea.

Meanwhile, outside, ladies be talking about nails. But also: Ladies be smartly lying low, which really is an underrated strategy for the first few days of game play. The women all assured one another that they aren’t all secretly up to anything. Jacosta explained she hasn’t talked much game with anyone, and that the only alliance she’s currently in "is with God." Let's hope God makes it a priority to get you that HoH Room, Jacosta. But you do have to respect a woman who wears a bow tie with swimwear. It’s important to stick with your personal #brand.

In other galmance chats, Christine and Nicole are power bonding over the fact that they feel like outsiders in the house compared to the other beautiful, skinny women. (Side note: In what world are these ladies not considered attractive?) They explain their emerging friendship:

Christine: "We shop at Wal-Mart; we connect on things that aren’t like makeup. I know it's really early, but I can see myself being best friends with Nicole."
Nicole: "Plus we both have big nerd glasses so that probably helps, too."

Is it too early to declare these ladies fan favorites of 2014? Probably, but they are off to a fun start. How cute were they when they excitedly jumped up and down in the storage room after dodging eviction? I want these two to star in a ad for friendship, stat, and I want to see them in power soon.

That moment may be coming quicker than anticipated, thanks to some rampant paranoia by Devin. Poor Devin. He was feeling so good about the Bomb Squad (name’s still a nope!), and even gave an over-the-top convincing performance to Donny about his continued loyalty. "You are the beast, I'm the…I don't know what I am," Donny says as he attempts to convince Devin to stick with Double D. "I'll never let go," Devin assured Donny about their secret pact, with one foot secretly already in the lifeboat. Moment of praise for Devin, who managed a fun grin and wink to the camera after Donny left the room, convinced of their bond; Devin even dabbed some water on his eyes so that it appeared he'd been crying. Surely this was not the behavior of a person that was about to completely lose control.

Wrong! Nominations were announced, and both Caleb and Frankie explained they were picking the two people who placed last in the HoH competition, meaning Caleb nominated Donny and Paola and Frankie put up Victoria and Brittany. Victoria—who clearly had already planned out her and Frankie’s Bravo reality show together—was clearly crushed. Frankie attempted to reassure her (lying through his teeth), but Victoria was already SO DONE. Victoria's got problems, but Frankie is no longer one. Side note: I will cast all of the votes for whomever first quotes Ariana Grande lyrics to Frankie.

Victoria wasn't the only one upset over nominations. Caleb, who is either one hell of an actor or is truly torn up that he had to put people up on the block, was near tears. We got a very bromantic view of all the Bomb Squad guys gathering in a circle to support Caleb in his time of need. "You only did what you had to." "No one blames you." "I love you forever." "No, you hang up first." It was a sweet moment, but not 15 minutes into the Bomb Squad’s televised reign, cracks are already beginning to show. Cody, for one, is growing more skeptical by the second. "I don't know if I just joined the next Brigade or the next Moving Company." Psst, Cody: It’s the latter. Thank Devin!

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