Big Brother recap: The North Carolinian Mule

Donny battles Cody and the rest of the house to prove he's not out for the count just yet.
Ep. 27 | Aired Aug 24, 2014

TRENDING TOPIC The rest of America had to be confused by #BeardvsAbs, right? Still makes more sense than #FruitLoopDingusBustafooligan.


Puppet master Derrick is extra excited that his bro Cody won so he won't have to get any of Nicole and Donny's expected blood on his hands. But Christine kind of sucks and they are starting to realize that she is nothing but trouble, too. Before anyone's blood is spilled however, Donny tries to get Nicole to talk to Cody, but she doesn't really know why. "Who else would they put up? Nobody." Donny should be focusing more on what he's saying to Cody though now that he has all the power. So maybe calling him a "dumb kid" wasn't the best idea. Props to Cody for not literally shoving his business degree down Donny's face, though I guess it's back home in Jersey.

Because Nicole is pretty helpless at this point, she talks to Cody (behind closed doors!) and pleads her case. He listens and tells her he wants Donny out first this week cause he doesn't trust him blah blah blah. Who knows who's telling who the truth at this point? It's useless to dissect fully, but Cody keeps the idea of Nicole as an asset moving forward in the back of his mind.

In comparing 21 Jump Street to Big Brother, (because why for any other reason besides a hashtag?) Derrick is the Jonah Hill to Cody's Channing Tatum. The twosome may seem like an unlikely pair from the beginning, but have proven to be a dominating force in this game. Derrick walked into this house as Moneyball Jonah Hill—overweight, underappreciated, but ready to surprise everyone. Now he's The Wolf of Wall Street Jonah Hill—got his look slightly more polished, more experience under his belt and above all, attitude. He's also been lying about his real identity and profession this entire time too, remember? Lying all to make his little girl proud back home! Cody is Channing Tatum by default and also because they were both underwear models.

One of the most important questions that came out of tonight's show though was about something we never even got to see. Is is still a showmance if it happened in the jury house? Nicole says no; Hayden probably most definitely says yes. Voice your opinion using #Haycole4Ever

Time is barely relative in Big Brother, so it's common to see moments like Donny waking Cody up to follow his own advice and have a conversation to try to save himself somehow. Though his facial expressions didn't show it (probably because he was still half asleep), Cody was slightly intrigued by what Donny had to say. Someone will have to break The Bomb Squad up first, and Cody is questioning whether or not to be that guy. Some point shortly after, Donny and Derrick got deep about their feelings on Team America and how it will affect the rest of the game. Derrick is pretty honest about the awkward position he's in now that Donny is the target, oh and now that he told Donny that too. Derrick thinks he still has the power to save Donny if he wanted to this week but Donny knows talk is cheap and his hope is low.

And low and behold, that hope has almost run out. Taking the safe route, Cody nominates Donny and Nicole as his alliance had expected him to do. Nicole is so gosh darn mad that she's quickly back on the block after just getting back in the house, but like a "group of mad wolves who want to eat you," Donny still seems to be everyone's prey.

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